United Nations in Canada, and the CBC – Harvey Oberfeld with Jim Goddard


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How Aboriginals Could Drain BC’s Coffers
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  1. Since a ministry was first formed to deal with indigenes we have spent 10’s of millions of dollars. More than enough so that every indigene living on every reserve should have clean water, central heat, hot and cold running water and indoor toilets. Why don’t they? Where has that money gone?

  2. You can blame Trudeau, the drama teacher. He reversed a Harper rule that all First Nations must submit a year-end financial accounting if they had received govt money that year. No accountability breeds theft and fraud. That’s where the money has gone.

  3. Helpmeto has pointed Bud in the right direction. Harper was going to try and the moron Trudeau did not want to open that enormous can of worms.
    Truly the blame lies with every government since the confederation
    This should be a done deal . The indigenous should have had every claim concern addressed 40 years ago. The only time we should feel the need to talk about this topic is in social studies classes throughout k to 12
    Harper wanted to take baby steps in that direction but Trudeau and his army ove SJWs (poverty pimps) bureaucracy trough dwellers earn great livings by not allowing issues like dirty water to never go away

  4. Yes I realize PM Milquetoast, who himself has difficulty accepting responsibility for anything, rescinded that regulation. Point is, as 13 so sagely pointed out, the problem was a problem 50 years ago and remains one to this day. One might be forgiven for envisioning bulging, off-shore bank accounts in the hidden names of many politicians and high level bureaucrats as well and band chiefs.

  5. The reversal of the Harper First Nations Leadership Accountability was just the first fatal step in the election of PM Justin .

    Since then 4 years has passed and things have gotten worse every month with SNC, Deficits, Debt,
    Costume Gate, Black/Brown Face, pandering to Media Outlets, increased Taxes right across the board with more to come, Butts, Vice Admiral Norman, no stance on China, and a multitude of others .

    Then the Canadian Electorate in their Wisdom turn around and Re-elect the same person responsible for all of that and more .

    And just what does that tell us ?

    Unfortunately Canada has changed forever and much of the damage will be ever lasting .


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