Summerland BC loses its Live Local Morning Show


We have word of yet another Bell Media belt tightening, no doubt to be blamed on a downturn in revenue.

Bradley Green is losing his local live morning show on EZ Rock CHOR  98.5 in Summerland BC.  Instead the local station will simulcast Allan Gee‘s breakfast show from EZ Rock CKOR AM800 down the Okanagan in neighboring Penticton.

Allan Gee


It seems to be a most unfortunate pattern we’ve seen playing out all across the country, where local morning shows have been dropped in favour of out-of-town talent with, in most cases, little local awareness or input.  Sad.



  1. It’s a 14 minute drive from Summerland to Penticton. It sucks that someone is losing their job, but this isn’t a loss of a local voice, it’s just a reasonable market consolidation.

  2. Allan grew up in Summerland. He has worked for that grouping of stations since the 90s. Used to do the morning show on OR in Summerland. Knows the market better than anyone else.

  3. Agree with Questionable…. no one knows that market better than Allan Gee. Many listeners in Summerland tuned into AM 800 Penticton to hear him already. Addition by subtraction.


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