New York Radio Legend Elvis Duran’s Raw New Memoir

From Sexuality And Politics To Broadcasting Post 9/11

Elvis Duran built his first radio transmitter when he was just a boy in Texas.

After years of inspiration from local KVIL-FM host Ron Chapman, he started to grow his on-air chops at home after school. At first, he played music and read headlines from the Dallas Morning News, primarily for an audience of one: the old lady who lived next door.

When time came to expand his airwaves, he attempted to boost his transmitter’s range by hotwiring it to an old appliance cable. Sadly, his engineering skills were lacking — and he consequently almost burned down his closet.

In 2019, Duran is one of the world’s most listened-to radio hosts. His program, Z100’s Elvis Duran and The Morning Show,  is syndicated to over 80 markets nationwide and listened to by almost 10 million people daily.

Last week, Duran released his first book, Where Do I Begin? Stories (I Sort of Remember) From A Life Lived Out Louda nearly 300-page memoir that takes a deep dive into the personal life and career of the man behind the microphone. And luckily for readers, there was no Federal Communications Commission telling Duran what he was or wasn’t allowed to write.



In Where Do I Begin?, Duran takes off the host hat and allows his audience to hear the types of tales he evokes from his own guests. Below, he discusses his relationship with listeners, his decision to separate radio from politics and more.


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