David Menzies ARRESTED at Andrew Scheer Conservative event!!!



David Menzies of Rebel News reports: You may have heard that a journalist was thrown out of a Conservative Party campaign event today in Whitby, Ontario. Well, I’m that journalist, and thanks to my own video and footage from others in attendance, you can make up your own mind about what happened here.

If you think Andrew Scheer should allow Rebel News to cover his events, please help by showing your support (and catch up with this story!) at http://www.LetUsReport.com.




  1. Why didn’t any of the MSM/Unifor reporters stand up for David Menzies ?

    I know reporters from MSM/Unifor are reading this.
    Would you stand up for David Menzies and why or why not ?

  2. All parties except the PPC are globalist puppets working for the UN agenda.. That’s is why antifa only attacks the PPC, because we stand for Canadians first..
    All Canadians.

  3. Not too sure of the circumstances of this as I am out of country and involved in projects but will make effort to understand what took place ,

    As to comments here ?

    Sure those of us that are Conservative minded and want to rid Canada of PM Justin and Libs should do the smart thing and SPLIT our vote between PPC and Conservatives .


  4. Fake News…”conservative vote is swinging to the PPC…”
    Wow, that’s deep bro…
    Will all 3 of those disenchanted Conservative voters join Max’s Air Farce?
    Crews are standing by bro…

  5. Fake

    My track record is quite good on this stuff.

    The PPC will more than likely get less than 6% of the popular vote and I do not think that will transfer into any Seats other than perhaps Max .

    I do not see how anyone could see the Conservative Vote flowing to Max and his PPC .

    I could be mistaken but I believe Doug Henning and his former “Flying Yogit Party” would have a better chance of achieving any kind of seat count than the PPC .

    That says a lot because Henning has been dead for over a decade .

    First things first, PM Justin must be defeated or Canada is in serious trouble, the last thing we need iscMax Splitting that Conservative Vote .

    How would you feel If the Conservatives and PPC Split the Vote 50/50 and PM Justin and his Minions were re-elected with a majority of over 100 Seats ?

  6. Andrew Scheer has been to BILDERBERG. He’s in the same club as Obama, Clinton, George Sorros etc etc etc. Scheer will do nothing but carry on the same globalist agenda as Trudeau.

    So folks, we have four globalists, Trudeau, Scheer, Jagmeet & crazy lizzie running against a Nationalist, a true Canadian patriot, name Maxime Bernier of the Peoples Party of Canada. The choice is yours, but please vote…


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