Olivia Newton John says medicinal cannabis is key to her cancer recovery

Olivia Newton John


By Sammi Taylor • 60 Minutes Digital Producer

September 27, 2019


Olivia Newton-John says medicinal marijuana is a key part of her treatment for stage four cancer.
In an exclusive interview with 60 Minutes reporter Liz Hayes, Newton-John says that not only has cannabis assisted with her pain management, sleep and anxiety – but it’s having affects on her physical health too.
“I’m incredibly pro cannabis,” she told Liz Hayes.
“If I don’t take the cannabis, I can feel the pain so I know it’s working.”
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  1. Sucking a bunch of smoke and crap into your lungs. What could go wrong.
    Guess weed must be safe?

    Ed Note: This is Cannabis OIL CBD, which is ingested in the mouth or rectum, this is not about smoking a Joint. There is NO HIGH! If you do some research, you’ll find Pharma included cannabis in many of their medications in the 18th and 19th centuries. It was Pharma who lined the pockets of politician to have Hemp, which includes cannabis to bring in legislation to ban the Hemp plant. One major reason, Cannabis can’t be patented. Cannabis KILLS Cancer Cells… PSR suggests you visit former broadcaster Ian Jessop’s website called Cannabis Health Radio. There are over 230 testimonies of the miracles of this herb.


  2. Anti-marijuana propaganda comes mostly from the alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceutical industries. Not surprisingly these same industries are hedging their bets by investing in the legal marijuana business. Recreational alcohol use has a far greater negative impact on society than recreational marijuana use.


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