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Charles Adler joins me from his home in Vancouver for an hour to talk radio and political therapy. The Canadian election is on the way and it is all to be Trump Trump Trump on CNN and Fox News. So what’s a media guy to do? We catch up with the wily Corus Radio News Talk host and discuss the early moments of the Federal Election. Yes we geek out a bit over it, but it not like any of the conversations we used to have over a cup of coffee when we worked together at CJOB in Winnipeg. Other subjects we touch on include the lack of UBER in our fair cities, and the possible return of the Montreal Expos.

Podcasts Charles is currently listening to:

Wait There’s More (Corus Curiouscast)

The Daily (New York Times)

Post Reports (Washington Post)

The Bulwark Podcast

When Life Gives You Parkinsons (Curiouscast)

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  1. Seriously Matt? Are you effin’ kidding me?

    Listen to yourself Matt. How in the hell would you expect me to waste my time on a podcast whereby the person who is the subject of the podcast has a long track record making comments and expressing opinions that are not aligned with mine and are not insightful or actionable in any meaningful way.

    People who admire or find Adler entertaining and insightful would gain benefit from your podcast and that would be smart and good for them and good for the both of you. I do not find him so and the idea of listening to him for any length of time, under any circumstances, would be stupid.

    Now, Matt. If you had a reputation for seriously challenging your podcast guests, that would be different. That would be worth listening to and worth my time.

    You show me Jack Webster-levels of interview and I will gladly spend the time listening.

  2. Unfortunately, the local Vancouver talk show hosts, like most of us, have really not led interesting lives, and when they try to ‘personalize’ an issue ( on orders from some consultant), it falls woefully short. The words ‘boring’ and ‘so what’ was always my reaction until I finally tuned out.

  3. I listened to talk radio just long enough to know who not to trust; who actually went out of their way to shut down any controversial discussion, and ridicule the callers who would bring such topics up. First Warren, then Good, and now Adler. It’s not just about not rocking the boat, they’re certainly indoctrinated really well, or worse, flat out purposeful deception perpetuating their master’s agendas. Nobody in the business that long can not come to the same conclusion as the “tin foil hat wearers” with just a little research. Listen to them if you want to know what the globalists want to push.

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