CNN’s Rank Stupidity In Hiring McCabe

(former deputy director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe)

They hire nefarious people and try to give them the patina of legitimacy in order to excoriate the president.



September 16, 2019

CNN contributor, and former deputy director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe appears to be on the verge of being charged with crimes regarding his misleading statements about a Hillary Clinton-related investigation.

McCabe’s potential indictment has caused growing problems for CNN as charges appear more likely. According to Fox News, a current CNN on-air personality told them this week that “it erodes our journalistic credibility to have so many highly anti-Trump, former Obama DOJ/security officials without a semblance of balance.” The on-air personality continued. “It’s hard to see the justification for hiring him initially since it was publicly documented he’s, best case, a liar. How will CNN handle it if he’s also soon indicted?”

Another CNN personality also said to Fox News, “He made some colossal mistakes and the fact that he f—ing lied under oath, I have no sympathies for him,” the CNN staffer said. “How will [CNN] have him weigh in on anything related to integrity?”

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September 22, 2019 - 12:57 pm


CNN made a drastic error in judgement when they hired McCabe .

But then again, what else is new .

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