The mainstream media is spreading “misinformation” – Anthony Fury


Anthony Furey talks about how misinformation is spreading in Canada.
When people refer to misinformation, they’re not just talking about creating fake news.
They also mean amplification – stories that are amplified so they seem more important than they actually are.
We’re seeing this happen in Canada.
And it’s not Russian bots who are responsible for this.
How many times did you hear about Andrew Scheer’s 14-year-old footage opposing gay marriage?
Scheer has since clarified that his views have changed and that he won’t be changing marriage laws in Canada if he becomes Prime Minister.
End of story right?
The mainstream media is STILL talking about this.
Is this really important? Aren’t there bigger issues facing Canada?
What about the border crisis?
What about China’s influence on Canada?
What about Canada’s declining energy sector?
Here at True North, we’re committed to reporting news that actually matters to Canadians.
We’re also not getting a government bailout like the mainstream media.
We depend on proud Canadians like you to exist.
We’ll continue to report on the truth thanks to supporters like you.
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