Research Director Inc. Analyzes Seattle PPM Demo Breakouts


Seattle-Tacoma: Movin’ Day

There were a lot of 6+ shares swirling in the wind during this survey. A pile of them landed in the lap of HUBBARD top 40/M KQMV (MOVIN) as it (naturally) moved back to #1 (5.3-6.4). After two books in the driver’s seat, iHEARTMEDIA Classic Rock KZOK stepped back to #2 as it returned all of last month’s huge increase (7.0-6.0). ENTERCOM AC KSWD (THE SOUND) had its best in-format book (4.4-5.4) to leap three spaces to #3. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON N/T KUOW slipped back to #4 with its smallest share in over a year (5.5-5.2). BONNEVILLE Talk KIRO-F held steady at #5 (4.9-5.1) but had HUBBARD AC KRWM (WARM) nipping at its heels. WARM was up to #6 with its best Frosty-free share in over a year (4.3-4.9). ENTERCOM Adult Hits KJAQ (JACK) fell to #8 as it ended a strong two-book surge.

KQMV extended its 25-54 winning streak to eight as it regained all of last month’s lost share. ENTERCOM Alternative KNDD (THE END) had its best book in over a year to remain at #2 yet still trailed the leader by over a share. KZOK held onto its #3 rank despite landing its first down book since FEBRUARY. KRWM was up three slots to #4 with a solid increase. This pushed ENTERCOM Active Rock KISW back to #5 as it was off slightly. KJAQ dropped four places to #9 as it returned all of last month’s large increase.

KQMV and KISW remained #1 and #2, respectively, 18-34. However, the gap between them almost doubled as MOVIN’ had its best book since APRIL while KISW had its lowest share since the maids were a milkin’. KNDD’s four-book slide came to an, ahem, end as it moved up five slots to #3. iHEARTMEDIA Top 40/M KBKS (KISS) remained at #4 with a slight increase while the former #5 partnership was dissolved. KJAQ remained in place with a slight increase. KZOK slipped back a slot with a slight decrease and was tied with KUOW. ENTERCOM Rhythmic AC KHTP (HOT) dropped five places to #8 as it surrendered all of last month’s solid increase.

KQMV completed the demo sweep as it regained all of last month’s lost 18-49 share to remain #1. KNDD had its best outing since APRIL to repeat at #2 while a flat KISW was up to #3. KRWM took three steps forward to #4 with its highest Frosty-free share in over a year. KJAQ dropped back to #5 as it ended a two-book surge. HUBBARD Country KNUC (THE BULL) slipped to #6 with a small loss and was just ahead of another apex predator in ENTERCOM Country KKWF (THE WOLF) which regained most of last month’s large loss.


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