Vista Radio Turfs Senior Management


We’re told by a most reliable source there’s some high-priced blood on the floor of the Vista Radio Group headquarters in Courtenay.

Word is that President Geoff Poulton (above) is out, along with Vice Presidents Murray Brookshaw (below) and Ddin Morbi (bottom).

Also gone is Human Resources chief Christine Swain.  Disappointing ad revenues was given as the reason for the executive severances.

Interestingly enough, the Vista website still includes the names of those turfed.

To help fill the gap Bryan Edwards has assumed the role of Acting President.  Edwards was in an ownership position with Vista before it was bought by the Westerkirk and Thomson interests in 2012.


  1. Wow the fact the best guy they could find to lead the company forward is the same guy they fired and replaced with Poulton 6-7 years ago is a sure sign that Canadian media is dead. With Edwards reputation well known, this move just makes Vista look like a joke. I mean they turfed that regime (Edwards, Manns, Micalef, etc) because the company reputation was terrible and the business was not performing then when they’re in the same boat years later, they recreate the past!?!? You can’t write better novels than this! I feel for the staff left behind.

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  3. Bryan Edwards from Okanagan Skeena? Are Paul & Jason Mann, Mike Tindall, Barb Farclough and the rest of that gang available lol! Where’s all the young, bright, forward thinking executives who could actually reinvent Canadian radio and make it viable? Instead, as usual, let’s just dredge up the past and try to recreate the glory days. Yeah, that’ll work!

  4. A very wise owner/general manager I used to work for always said “there are 2 ways to build profit.” 1) Develop business with a long term, consistent plan. 2) Slash costs. One of those methods has a bottom…and sadly, it’s the most commonly used method in the world of E.P.S. (Earnings Per Share). The result of option 2 is obvious.

  5. We’ve seen what those young, bright, forward thinking executives have done to the raydeo business. How ya like it so far? Perhaps we should let them continue and watch as they flush the business down the drain completely.
    Radio used to be relevant, responsive and responsible to the communities it served. That’s why it had “glory days”. Perhaps someone who knows that and knows how to do it is just what the industry needs today.

  6. Not sure we’ve seen any really young, new breed leadership in Canadian media. I hardly count this gang as that (all 50’ish) and all re-hashed from Rogers. What I mean is really new (ie: names we haven’t hear a bunch of times before). Thinking about a company like Townsquare in the US that has leadership that has transformed it into a true modern multi-platform, multi-media company rather than just a radio company selling radio the same way we have for the last 50 years. I just think it’s time to give some bright 20-something who truly lives and understands media in 2019 the reigns and see what happens. I guarantee the approach would be fresh, different, innovative and at least an attempt to be relevant. What would they really have to lose at this point?

  7. Believe it or not I’m with you, Raydeo. However does one have to be a 20-something to understand and live the current media scene? Perhaps give us experienced older broadcasters (like 40) a break I don’t think Vista’s problems were created because of managements age. I would think their complete and utter incompetence had more to do with their problems than the fact they were an ancient 50.

  8. Everyone knows that Vista is a horrible company who doesn’t treat their employees, very well ? Any surprise, then, that they fired their entire management team, including the head beancounter ! So (sadly) fitting for a shitbox company ! I feel bad for Murray Brookshaw. He was one of their good ones !

  9. Any bets on who will take the helm of Vista (new President)? Anyone with a good reputation willing to put it on the line to see if they could make Vista a reputable and successful operator?


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