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Brent ‘Brooksie’ Brooks Won’t be Returning to Lethbridge’s Country 95


After 9 years at the station and a successful battle with cancer, Brent ‘Brooksie’ Brooks has gone to social media to announce his departure from the station.  He had been the popular co-host of Wake Up With Brooksie & Gillian on Country95. Prior to his stint at CHBB he had been with ‘The River’ (now KiSS) across town for the better part of a decade. 

Last Thursday morning Brooksie posted the following personal message on his Facebook page.

I think I’m about 13 in this picture ‘playing radio’ in my bedroom. It’s the only thing I remember wanting to do when I grew up. And for the past 34 years I’ve been blessed to play radio for real. But during this time off recovering from my cancer battle, I’ve made the decision to not return to Country 95. I want to thank you all, especially my family & friends, for your support while I got to live my dream. Will the dream continue? Don’t know…but I’m excited to see what the Good Lord has planned for me. Much love, Brooksie

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  1. I see radio is keeping up the effort to completely purge itself of talented people. I’ve worked with Brent, any radio station should thank their stars that he would even consider working for them.

  2. Sorry for the station. Hard to sell advertising on a station void of smart, funny announcers, that bring personality to the airwaves. Good luck trying to fill his shoes! Sadly, it’s the way of many radio markets these days

  3. I got to know Brooksie back in the mid 80’s. A great guy and an amazing talent!

    If there are any PD’s reading this, contact this man ASAP.

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  5. i am very glad to see Brooksie is in good health! Have always enjoyed listening to him and will keep on listening.



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