It was 42 years ago when Elvis died and Cadillac Jack recorded it from his transistor radio…

Elvis Presley sifting through some of his fan mail


Cadillac Jack

Our facebook friend Cadillac Jack has this momento to share with all, especially if you’re an Elvis Presley fan. CJ just so happened to have recorded the announcement of the night Elvis died, from his local radio station KALE 960 AM broadcasting from the town of Kennewick, in the great state of Washington.

by Cadillac Jack

Published: August 16, 2019

42 years ago today, we lost Elvis Presley. He was 42. In a few months Elvis will have been gone longer than he was here on earth. I was 13 and a fan, having bought “Way Down” on 45 and “Elvis’ Golden Records” on LP just a few months prior to his death. It was a Tuesday night when I heard the announcement during the weekly Top-10 countdown on KALE 960 AM in Kennewick, WA. It was “breaking news” and interrupted the countdown….so I recorded it. Forgive the low quality…I taped if from a transistor radio using a cassette recorder with a built-in mic. Here it is if you want to listen. It was a superbly done piece….especially for a small market like Kennewick, WA:…/Elvis_Death_BREAKING_NEWS.mp3


I believe it was over a year ago when Jack was diagnosed with cancer, told his then employer, who then promptly terminated his contract with the radio station. Imagine how one would feel when his doctor tells him about this life threatening disease, then losing your job, all happening the same day. Brazingly CJ hit his facebook page running, sharing his life’s story and the hell he’s had to put up with for over a year. He’s indeed, a brave man. Jack endured extensive surgical procedures to remove what he refers to in his facebook comments as the ‘Mass in his Ass’ After massive chemo treatments, lots of prayers, so far so good…. Jack has an incredible attitude which I can attest to just following his facebook posts.

An Update this Saturday morning from Cadillac Jack… just received this email from CJ, telling us in his own words, sharing what he’s been going through in his battle with cancer…


I was diagnosed with stage 4 colo-rectal cancer June 9, 2017. It spread into my liver. I was on strong chemotherapy for 3 months to shrink the tumors, then in September had 4 large tumors removed from my liver. They focused there first because the cancer from the liver is more apt to spread to the pancreas and lungs and other areas in the body. They took 2/5 of my liver out. Was hospitalized for 6 days. I recovered for 3 months, then went on daily radiation and chemo for 2 months to try and shrink that quarter sized tumor in the area where my colon meets the rectum. They successfully shrunk the “mass-in-my-ass” enough to go in for surgery. They also found another tumor in my liver at that point. That had to be removed, as well.  That duel surgery took place March 20, 2018. Was hospitalized for 8 days. I had an illeostomy, a bypass of my plumbing if you will, that required an ostomy bag for 9 months. I went back on strong chemo during that time from May-August. In December of 2018 I went in for the reversal of the illeostomy (shit bag removal) and getting my plumbing hooked back up so I could shit like normal, again. It’s different, though, because much (if not most) of my colon was removed and my storage area is much smaller, so I have to poop 3-4 times over the course of about 20 minutes when I go to the bathroom. But, it sure beats the bag. And it is slowly getting better as my storage capacity increases. 
I have had 2 successful CT scans (no cancer) and hoping yesterday was a 3rd. (will know next week). And I have a colonoscopy Monday to really see how things are.  My first colonoscopy was June 3, 2017, which found the original “mass-in-my-ass” and got the ball rolling on all of this.
Thanks Jack, we’re all pulling for you


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