Victoria’s Newish Radio Station is called, you guessed it, JACK FM!


Welcome back JACK!

At 1pm west coast time, Victoria’s KiSS did a Flashback, with the rebranding of JACK 103.1 FM

KiSS’ swan song, fittingly, was NSYNC’s “Bye bye bye”.

KiSS FM came to Victoria in 2015, replacing the first JACK ….

And now for Round Two...


On February 24, 2015, CHTT flipped back to CHR as KiSS 103.1. The last song played on “Jack” was “Hit the Road, Jack” by The Stampeders, while the first song on “KiSS” was “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars.[3]

Needless to say, it never worked, bottom basement ratings ever since launch date, so let’s hope Rogers with the All New Jack will begin to warm the hearts of the Capital City. So far, we’re loving he music, with the first song by Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody…

“playing what we want” is still Jack’s slogan.

JACK FM first launched on 103.1 in 2004.


Thanks to ColeThePony for uploading the launch audio & final minutes: HERE


And the morning hosts on Victoria’s Newish radio station are…


David Larsen
Heather Backman
Presenting!! Mornings with Heather Backman (formerly of the Q Victoria)  and David Larsen, formerly with K-96.3 in Kelowna.






  1. This is awesome news!! Welcome back JACK – I’ve missed you. Guess I’m gonna have to find a new wish to make every time I’m near my birthday candles or a fountain….

  2. I worked with David Larsen on a morning show for 20 years – he is flat out One of The Best.
    Looking forward to hearing what manner of rambunctious morning show entertainment David and Heather are going to concoct.

    But be sure of one think: The game is on!

  3. GR81..seriously? What sports in Victoria? Vancouver’s two sports stations each draw under 1%…
    ESPN Seattle probably have no clue where Victoria is…
    Jack FM makes sense..

  4. Bagoverheadguy…Yes…Seriously… It is not for just for Victoria Sports… Sportsnet is all canucks all the time. At least with ESPN you can get Not just Canucks…


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