Edmonton’s HOT 107 Rebrands As POWER 107


Harvard’s HOT 107 had a unique stunting and countdown to High Noon, resulting in the rebranding to POWER 107

The format of HOT was mainly hip hop and some top 40. Listening to them they are basically what power 92 was. Top 40. Past and present. They Just played Young Mc. Bust to move into Jennifer Lopez waiting for tonight.

They sound way better than Hot 107. Kiss 91.7 and Virgin now have another competitor. In my opinion, Chuck 92.5 should have done this before but Corus doesn’t get it.

POWER 107 Website HERE


As far as casualties are concerned, weekend man Harley Myhovich was let go…


Presser from Harvard

Turn the Power on! 

Harvard Broadcasting turns on the Power in Edmonton 

August 15, 2019 – There is something POWERfully familiar happening today on 107.1 in Edmonton as Harvard Broadcasting introduces Power 107 – Edmonton’s Best Music. Remember when Pop Music was King? When Britney, Backstreet, Mariah, Spice Girls, *NSYNC, Destiny’s Child, and Rihanna ruled the charts and airwaves? Power 107 does. 

Starting today on 107.1 FM and online at power107.ca, Power 107 celebrates that moment in time when Pop music ruled the Edmonton airwaves with something different yet strangely familiar. 

Also familiar will be Power 107’s on air team starting August 26th featuring Ryder and Lisa, Johnny Infamous, Jake and Hannah, and the return of Gary James. 

Feel the Power! 

For more information please contact: 

Tamara Konrad Chris Myers General Manager Program Director [email protected] [email protected] 

About Harvard Broadcasting: Headquartered in Regina, Harvard is a privately-owned broadcaster with a western focus, operating radio stations in Saskatchewan and Alberta. For additional information on Harvard Broadcasting Inc. and our stations please visit harvardbroadcasting.com





  1. Wise decision. Todays rap is a total disaster in terms of music. It’s hip-hops worst time in history for absolute garbage production and creation. 90’s rap was great and into the 2000’s and then it just became hideous. So this was a wise decision. The old website was superior though and this cookie cutter template is another lazy attempt to do as little as possible for the listeners.

  2. Steve…

    In what world is today’s rap a total disaster? In 2017, it became the number one listened to genre (Nielsen).

    It’s artists now more than ever are becoming icons in industries outside of music, fashion, sports, etc.

    Just because you don’t like something, doesn’t mean it isn’t succeeding.

  3. I agree with both points. Today’s rappers are concentrating on building an overall brand beyond jus the music. But the music is nowhere near as creative and lyrical as it was in the late ‘90s and early 2000s, when rap and R&B intersected on multiple songs (think Ja Rule and Ashanti, Nelly and Kelly Rowland, etc.).

  4. Billy, I work with young people and even THEY are tuning out and listening to old school hip hop. If they recognize what is crap, and I can, then perhaps there is a serious problem somewhere. Plus, name me any rap artists or group currently that will even be remembered 10 years from now. Very few, Even in the last 10 years there has been only a few new artists. Most are forgotten unlike the rap artists of the 80’s to 2010.

  5. Sorry but people like Drake, Minaj, Cardi B, Ed Sheeran (if you can classify him as rap), Travis Scott, Chance the Rapper all have staying power.

    Small sample size but Lil Nas X has a chance to be there 10 years from now as well, due to his experimentation and collaboration.

  6. I thought it was a strange move. Their reasoning behind the change was competition with three chr stations in Edmonton. However, of the three Hot 107 was a solid #2 and well ahead of the #3, CFMG – Virgin 104.9, and their ratings and number of listeners were improving.

  7. Bill am. Your comment “just because you dont like something doesnt mean it isnt succeeding”
    Talk about rapping the nail on the head. I come from a generation that hated rap from day one. Still dont like it, never ever listen, cant understand the fascination. But your right rap is a success story.
    Too bad , it deserves to fail.

  8. I’m not liking the new Power 107 format – I only listen during drive-time, which I’ve enjoyed A LOT the last 3+ years (how long did we have Hot 107 anyway.)

    I’m not impressed with hearing Spin Doctors “Two Princes” and a couple Roxette songs during drivetime… come on!!! Something more current please… you can cut out some new material if you’re not liking it, but freaking playing 30 year old songs during drivetime? I’m out.

  9. I miss HOT107. I don’t listen to POWER107, think the music is garbage, please go back to the way it was before. When you were HOT107, I listened daily, I loved you. No radio station matched you. From a sad non-listening person.

  10. I TOTALLY AGREE with above. HOT 107 was entertaining and had great music, great remixes and played the 90’s hiphop which was such a good throw in. This POWER 107 is garbage!!! with garbage music!! the odd good song, now Edmonton is left with barley much to listen too. Radio is not the same. what a shame. SMH. Drive home sucks.

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