Toxic, treasonous media pushing “white supremacist” hoax and hit lists of Trump supporters in desperate scheme to drive America into civil war




August 6, 2019


It’s now obvious the malicious, toxic media is pushing a “white supremacist” hoax in a desperate scheme to drive America into a civil war. The entire left-wing media has now become nothing more than a hate machine that’s spreading its “daily hate” to radicalize left-wing Americans into an unprecedented level of hatred, insanity and violence.

This is their plan. They are not journalists, and they aren’t covering the news. They are pushing maximum hate while hoping it will spark more violence.

We now know, for example, that the mass shooter in Dayton, Ohio had attended Antifa rallies and was motivated by left-wing talking points that were amplified by the left-wing media. As reported by The Post Millennial:

Screenshots of a Dayton man’s Twitter account appear to confirm that the shooter responsible for the horrific massacre at a Dayton restaurant was a proud leftist, according to his Twitter account’s own description.

The account, @iamthespookster, has a number of tweets placing him in the Dayton Ohio area. Photos posted by the @iamthespookster account bear a striking resemblance to confirmed photos of the shooter, and followed a number of left-wing accounts, such as the Democratic Socialists Association of Dayton. The account also liked and retweeted a number of tweets that suggested he sympathized with Antifa.

Yet the left-wing media all but refuses to cover the political leanings of the Dayton shooter. Instead, the media focuses on the shooter’s skin color, touting the idea that “white people” are responsible for all the mass shootings in America. The “white people” term then gets deliberately conflated with “white supremacy” or “white nationalism” and the toxic media screams in unison that white supremacists are shooting up America. It’s all a lie, of course. A damned, deliberate lie.

Just on skin color alone, the narrative that white people are responsible for all the mass shootings in America is pure nonsense. One researcher has compiled the photos of all the mass shooters that have been arrested or killed so far in 2019, and the compilation shows anything but “white supremacy.”

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  1. I think it’s long overdue for Trump and the FCC to come down hard on the liberal media for all the lies they tell about him, his family and his supporters, as well as all the open hate they now spew toward anyone who doesn’t agree with them or “toe the line”.

  2. The left wing propaganda is so well organized and funded that the fact that DJT is still in power and has a good shot at a second term speaks volumes . It tells me that the American people are not as dumb as CNN would like. Sure some of the left wing will follow like lemmings off the cliff but for the most part people can see through the relentless attacks on DJT.
    Mr Trump must pose an enormous threat to their globalist ambitions,

  3. The fakenews and Silicon Valley know they have been completely outed as the commies they are. So in response they are pulling out all the stops of censorship…..



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