Toronto Star To Get Equivalent Of $115,000 PER WEEK From Trudeau’s Establishment Media Bailout: BLACKLOCK’S


by Spencer Fernando

August 2, 2019

The Trudeau Liberals are trying to buy the media ahead of the upcoming federal election.

According to a report by Blacklock’s Reporter, the Toronto Star is set to receive $115,385 PER WEEK from the Trudeau media bailout.

The whopping sum is based on the Toronto Star’s own estimates, according to Blacklock’s:

“The largest daily newspaper in Canada, the Toronto Star, yesterday estimated its take of federal media bailout money is worth the equivalent of $115,385 a week. Payroll rebates will see publishers awarded up to $13,750 per newsroom employee: ‘They got what they wanted.’”

On Twitter, Blacklock’s noted that the Toronto Star seems to have not mentioned their incoming cash haul:

“That’s odd: @TorontoStar stands to win $115K/week in #MediaBailout but we can’t find any mention of it in their news pages. (link:… #cdnpoli #StarExclusive”


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  1. This is outrageous! How can we allow these corrupt liberals to steal monies from tax paying citizens to buy the election. The Conservatives are just as corrupt by allowing it. Scheer is a globalist, just like Trudeau, Jagmeet and Lizzie…. Maxime Bernier and the Peoples Party of Canada is the only real choice for freedom we have.

  2. First off, I don’t agree with the government program. Better just to give newspaper companies some tax relief rather than money from a government program. Too messy and rife with potential conflicts.

    The writer is misleading since all newspapers and newspaper groups including conservative leaning post/sun media could receive money (or possibly already have) from the program. I read that post media could expect over $6 million from this initiative.

    Also the amount averages $120 million per year and will total $600 million over the 5 year program. Some reports were making it sound like it was $600 million per year which is incorrect.

  3. @Rudy. Your belief that the conservative party is just as bad as the liberal party may or may not be true. Think for a moment about a) the many initiatives the Harper gov wanted that Trudeau cancelled . b) Trudeau Libs initiated this 600 million bribery fund. c) throwing conservative support behind Max will only get you 4 more years of Trudeau. Canada can not sustain 4 more years of wasted tax dollars, weak foreign policy, fake feminism, and poor decision making

  4. Trudeau’s rise can be explained by recogizing 3 main factors:

    1. The candidates (party’s) willingness to lie.
    2. The value of celebrity recognitions and,
    3. The extraordinary power of sophisticated advertising campaigns.

    The rubes are likely to bite down on anything, but only when it is served up like an ice cream cone – “dripping with goodness in each, rich, creamy, dairy-like mouthful.” 🙂


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