MSNBC’s Maddow Drops to FIFTH in July Ratings Behind Fox’s The Five


It was a weak month for Rachel Maddow. The MSNBC host, who leads the network’s primetime slate, fell to fifth place in the July ratings, behind four Fox News programs that dominated the monthly numbers in total viewers.

Fox News boasted the top four most-watched cable news programs for the month –– HannityTucker Carlson TonightThe Ingraham Angle, and The Five. MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show came in fifth.

Hannity held down his customary top spot with 3.332 million viewers total for the month, and 527,000 in the advertiser-coveted adults 25-54 demo.

But the real headline for Fox News in July was the success of The Five — which averaged 2.503 million viewers for the month, compared to 2.487 million for Rachel Maddow, 1.914 million for Lawrence O’Donnell, and 1.485 million for Chris Hayes.

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  1. And this is an occasion for crowing?
    Take any market. Pump one Country format in and and four or five contemporary stations.
    What is the likelihood that Country “wins”?

  2. Once the Russia Gate Story was exposed for what it really was and then the Sphinx Mueller was shown to have absolutely nothing to do with his own report Maddow was just sort of left out there dangling in the wind .

    The same will now prove true for many others at MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, WaPo, NYT, and so many more.

    The Curtain has been Lifted and the Wizards are not quite what much of the Great Unwashed Viewing Audience once thought .

    Now all they have to cling to are accusations of racism and sexism and those will be the Drums they beat until Nov 2020 .

    They will all lose a very high percentage or Viewers and readers so within that time we may see great changes in several organizations .


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