CNN Editor Resigns in Disgrace over Long History of Tirades Against ‘Jewish Pigs’…


by Matthew Boyle

July 26, 2019

An editor at CNN has resigned after a series of antisemitic comments he made resurfaced on Thursday.

Aaron Bandler@bandlersbanter

BREAKING: CNN spokesperson tells the @JewishJournal that they have accepted the resignation of photo editor Mohammed Elshamy over his 2011 anti-Semitic tweets

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Jerry Dunleavy@JerryDunleavy

NEW: Mohammed Elshamy (@elshamyme) — a photographer and writer recently hired by @CNN — has numerous old posts showing he was a vicious anti-Semite, celebrating the deaths of “Jewish pigs” in terrorist attacks, praising Hamas, attacking “Zionists”, & more. 

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CNN photo editor called Jews ‘pigs’ and praised their deaths in old tweets

Social media posts from years ago by a CNN photo editor and writer reveal that he called Jews “pigs” and praised their deaths.

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  1. He is obviously an Evil Man .

    I know nothing of the circumstances of his hiring or the vetting process of CNN, their HR source or any other Media organization but I am sure some Bad Evil People might slip in through the cracks .

    I do not like much about CNN but I cannot imagine them knowingly hiring someone like this .

    Having said that the whole culture at CNN and almost all of the On Air Types are Haters of anything Republican or Orange so one might wonder about their policies, even just a little bit .

    The good thing he is gone, now let’s hope he never gets another opportunity .

    Perhaps after this news the UK Labour Party might begin to Clean House of their Anti – Semitic Leader Corbin and a large number of his Minions of the same ilk . There may be as many as 50 of the Bastards .


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