Toronto Radio Host Under Fire After Tweeting Racist Comments


An investigation is underway.

by Anja Kundacina,     July 25 2019

Mike Stafford, the host of Global News Radio’s “The Morning Show”, is currently under investigation by his employer after tweeting and deleting some pretty racist sentiments last week. The tweets in question were briefly posted on Sunday, July 21. The next day, Michael Stafford announced via Twitter that he is expecting to be terminated. That tweet has also apparently been deleted.

Stafford’s deleted tweets were screenshotted and shared by Toronto journalist Sean Craig, who has worked for a mound of news publications, including Global News.



  1. If the comments can be confirmed they are those of this host, it signals a deeper psychological problem. And, it simply confirms that media people just are not that bright if they think they can hide behind their faux celebrity.

  2. In my opinion NO Sane Stable Person would do what Stanford did unless under the influence .

    Perhaps he wanted to be fired but then again I would think his comments might follow him wherever he goes for the rest of his life .

    That then leads me to conclude he is unstable, a hater, or both .

    Who would hire him now ?

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