RIP Jack Allen, of KVI/KMPS & not to forget ‘Loveline’ on 570am

Jack Allen

Former Seattle radio personality (KVI/KMPS) Jack Allen has died.

Jack was the KVI night personality in the mid 70’s when Michael O’Shea came in as KVI Program Director.

As O’Shea commented about Jack’s passing, he described Jack as ‘Positive, creative and authentic. One of the real good guys.


His family took to his Facebok account to pass on the sad news.

It is with a heavy heart that I am writing this.

My dad, Jack Allen, passed away peacefully in his sleep yesterday, July 15, 2019.

He had a rough time the last year and spent much of it in a Skilled Nursing Facility, so if you have been wondering why he has been so quiet, when he is just naturally not a quiet person, that is why.

His wife, Freddie, preceded him in death a month ago on June 20, 2019. After 35 years of marriage, they are still together.’

Alli (Jack’s daughter)

Alli related in another post, plans for a ‘Celebration of Life’ are in the process. (to be updated)

Jack as a young buck while working at KVI and doing the much loved and controversial show called ‘Love Line’ Thanks to Jason at Puget Sound Media for this pic


Jack also worked at Seattle’s then country station KMPS as on-air announcer. Having met Jack on facebook a number a years ago, so I asked him if he could provide us with an article about those days, and sure enough, he’d written one on one of his facebook pages, and that is what he sent me.

Here’s the LINK

Jack also worked at KRKO in Everett in 1968 and KASH Eugene, Oregon in 1974. add to that, KWYZ.

We have another link for you. This was Jack being interviewed back in early 2018. He talks about ‘Love Line’ at KVI and so many other ‘nuggets’ Interesting to note, in his latter years he got a preachers license to perform marriages which makes one wonder if Love Line had any thing to do with it.


Here’s the LINK 






  1. Jack Allen Thompson and I first worked together at KTAC in 1967, and then reunited as colleagues during the halcyon ’70s at KVI. A first-rate broadcaster with a quick wit, infectious laugh, and a mellow on-air demeanor. At all times a gentleman and generous friend.

  2. Jack was a very good friend and supportive fan of my husband entertainer/musician Gary Draper. as well as Gary’s younger brother and radio personality , Terry (Vance) Draper.
    I believe they both instructed at Bailey School of Broadcast.
    Jack and Freddie graciously welcomed me into the group, and came to many of our gigs.
    We performed at their wedding reception along with our young son Byron Vannoy, who later became one of Seattle’s premier jazz drummers…with Jack’s full support.
    We performed at some of Freddie’s father’s birthday parties at their request…amazing memories!
    We recorded several commercials under Jack’s direction.
    Jack nicknamed me “Songbird”, a “title” I’ll always cherish.

    We spent many hours here at our home in later years, reminiscing and listening to Jack’s ever burgeoning ideas and sound advice.
    I last spoke to Jack in early 2019. I did not know of his passing until today.
    I miss his wit and kind support.
    RIP Jack and Freddie…thank you so much.


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