Canadian media needs to get over its Trump fixation


BY Andrew Lawton

July 19, 2019

Despite a Canadian election looming, the media is asking Justin Trudeau and Andrew Scheer about Donald Trump’s tweets. True North’s Andrew Lawton says this is nothing more than a game of woke oneupsmanship that has nothing to do with Canada or Canadian politics.

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  1. Even The Rebel is caught up in this Trump nonsense. I’m not sure what is being covered up by this latest scandal, but all media is falling for it – even the so-called alternative media.

  2. Canadian media have plenty to cover with that Trudeau clown but are too lazy so just copy the American media about President Trump

  3. Kind of sad when some Canadian media are content to accept 600 million dollars from the federal government. Nothing more than a bribe to change the channel.

  4. Trump is a great way to distract Canadians while the elites continue to screw us. As long as wefa ll for it they will keep doing it. No one should be giving any of the corporate media their money and precious little of their time. It’s outrageous that taxpayers not only get to finance government propaganda through the CBC but now we get to pay for corporate propaganda as well. It’s outrageous but Canadians are mostly complacent sheep that allow themselves to be fleeced by the elites so we have no one to blame but ourselves.

  5. Hey Michael,
    I hope you had a chance to follow my reporting last week, while I covered the first-ever Global Conference for Media Freedom.

    It was quite the show. Check out my recap here.

    Thanks to True North Nation and our successful crowdfunding campaign, I was able to be at the conference and experience first hand the Canadian government’s idea of “media freedom.”

    One thing was clear at this conference – the Canadian government was more interested in a glossy show of support for press freedom without conducting itself in a way that fosters it.

    Despite the summit’s mission, several sessions were completely closed off to the press and public, and the politicians running things were scarcely available to journalists.

    Things got so bad that at one point the entire delegation of Canadian journalists threatened to walk out of a scrum with Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland after learning I and another journalist, The Rebel’s Sheila Gunn Reid, would be denied access.

    Freeland’s staff eventually caved, and every outlet got a question, albeit with no follow-ups allowed.

    During an event with Freeland and her British counterpart Jeremy Hunt, only two pre-selected Canadian journalists were permitted to ask questions.

    No private interviews were granted with either, and there were no other media access opportunities.

    Does this sound like “media freedom” to you?

    If it weren’t for the generosity of supporters like you, I wouldn’t have been able to be at the conference to report on the hypocrisy of the federal government.

    I was able to break a number of stories and conduct several interviews. Check out for my latest from the Global Conference for Media Freedom.

    Thank you for your support and keep standing up for Canada!

    Andrew Lawton

  6. The media has itself to blame. Stop reading government press releases as News, and do some digging. Get off your lazy butts, stop covering house fires, cutesy animal stories, and opinions from lefty professors passing themselves off as experts, and give us something substantial. Otherwise, you’re nothing more then shills.


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