Accomplished Alberta Broadcaster Sounds “Alarm” About Youth Smartphone Addiction Causing Sleep Deprivation


Wade Sorochan bills himself as Canada’s Leading Mental Health Advocate and Social Media Expert

EDMONTON, AB. July 7, 2019.

Award winning speaker and author Wade Sorochan speaks to thousands of youth throughout Canada on the topic of smartphone and social media addiction and its effect on mental and physical health.

One of the main issues is how the addiction is affecting sleep. Stats show that the majority of students are arriving at school extremely fatigued and 84% are sleeping with their smartphones on. Experts recommend no screen time 1-2 hours before bed and no screens in the bedroom, due to their effect on reducing the sleep hormone melatonin, which is an essential part of the sleep cycle.

The majority of youth claim they need their phone as an alarm. Alarm clocks are still readily available in stores and it’s imperative for their overall health to replace their phone with a regular alarm clock.

Wade Sorochan wants partners to help raise money to offer ALARM CLOCKS at his presentations and has created a GoFundMe Campaign to help raise money.

Smartphone addiction is equated to an addiction to a drug like heroin. Please help fund this initiative to get “the heroin of technology” and the main cause of sleep deprivation out of the bedrooms of all youth across Canada.

Contact: Wade Sorochan 780-668-9835

Here is a link to the gofundme page:

According to the Edmonton Broadcasters website, Sorochan was producer/operator of the “Bill and Bill Show” on CJCA from the 1980’s to 1992.   He handled AM Drive (“Wake Up with Wade”) on World-FM 101.7 until August of 2007, then beginning in December of that year he was afternoon drive host at “The Light” CJCA.   Sorochan later moved on to CHED and the “Edmonton Live” show on Shaw TV. 


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