Former radio host launches independent bid for upcoming Manitoba election

Former Winnipeg host Dave Wheeler will run as an independent in the upcoming provincial election.


by Danton Unger

July 9, 2019


A former Winnipeg radio host fired for offensive on-air comments has announced he is running for MLA in the upcoming provincial election.

Dave Wheeler announced his candidacy as an Independent MLA for the newly-created McPhillips riding, Monday afternoon over Twitter. The long-time host of Rogers Media’s 92.1 CITI FM was fired in July 2018 after making offensive on-air comments about transgendered people.

Wheeler’s announcement on Twitter was met with mostly negative comments.


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  1. Would love to see his qualifications: education, business background, management credentials, lengthy community involvement (this does not include flipping burgers at McHappy Day) etc. If he’s just another out of work dj with an opinion, forget it.

  2. Hey Judge what difference does it make about his background or credentials? Have you seen the guy running this country in Ottawa?


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