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Terry O’Reilly is a radio guy. He will tell you on the show that he is an ad guy – and that might be partially true. However, it is apparent that when you listen to his take on the world of media, advertising, marketing and radio, that he is grounded in radio. His show, Under the Influence, which grew from its previous incarnation of The Age of Persuasion (2006-2011) and O’Reilly on Advertising (2005). The show is now in its eighth season on CBC Radio and has expanded further into the podcast world.

Terry and his wife Debbie, along with daughters Callie, Shea and Sidney work on the program year round to create some of the most amazing audio about marketing. The show has developed a loyal following from countless Canadians and listeners around the world. Here are some things in the show we learned:

  • The show’s idea came about over beers one day which involved Larry McInnis who was the creative director at CHUM in Toronto. As a complete aside, Larry is a graduate of Acadia University which is where I went to school. 🙂
  • There is a Beatles reference in every show. That information lives on the Wikipedia page but Terry confirmed that he is a big fan and in his most recent episode spoke about how John Lennon was the best marketer amongst the Beatles.
  • Terry is starting a company for podcasters… details will be announced soon but we were stoked that he announced that on our podcast.
  • As we mentioned at the outset, Terry is a radio guy. When I asked him to come on the podcast he was aware of the show and had taken in a few episodes. High praise!
  • Podcast aficionados will love hearing how Terry has embraced podcasting.

The entire back catalogue of Under The Influence is now available in Podcast form. Connect to it here.

Terry has three books and is working on a 4th this summer. Connect to all things Terry here.

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