Corus’ CuriousCast Adds ‘History Of The 90’s’ Podcast With Kathy Kenzora

courtesy   July 3 2019

CORUS ENTERTAINMENT’s CURIOUSCAST podcast network is launching a new podcast looking at the history of the ’90s.

Former CORUS Rock CILQ (Q107) and News-Talk CFMJ-A (GLOBAL NEWS RADIO 640 AM)/TORONTO reporter KATHY KENZORA is co-producing and hosting “HISTORY OF THE 90’s,” debuting with two episodes posting JULY 17th and posting new episodes every two weeks thereafter.

“The ’90s is one of the most fascinating decades in modern history. To stop and think about how much the world has changed as a result of that short window of time is truly remarkable.  Not only will this podcast explore some of the biggest moments of the ’90s, KATHY will also take a deep dive into stories many listeners have likely never heard before,” said CORUS Dir. of Streaming and Podcasting CHRIS “DUNNER” DUNCOMBE. “We are so excited to share this new podcast with CURIOUSCAST listeners.”

“When we were living through the ’90s, it was hard to appreciate the importance of everything that was going on in the world at the time,” said KENZORA, who hosted the “HISTORY OF 1995” podcast. “This podcast gives us a chance to take a retrospective look at the major stories and events of the ’90s with a more complete understanding of the impact they had on society.”



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