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TV’s Steve Harvey to cover 8 students’ college costs


Steve Harvey is giving back.

The talk show host and comedian has committed to covering the college costs for eight incoming freshmen at his alma mater in Ohio.

Per Kent State University, the Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation has worked with the college to provide scholarships of about $23,000 per student. The students are required to maintain a 2.5-grade point average for the scholarships to be renewed each semester.

The scholarships are in memory of Devin Moore, a Kent State student from Cleveland who died in 2017 while playing basketball at a university center.

Harvey hosts the game show “Family Feud” and previously starred in “The Steve Harvey Show.”

The university says the foundation also committed $10,000 to Kent State’s Men Empowerment Network.

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  1. I know nothing about Mr. Harvey other than to be aware that he seems tp be a successful TV Host .

    Having said that I must congratulate him on his philanthropy !!

    How could anyone criticize that ?

    Having said that it is long past time for Western Media to expose the abuse of Tax Payer and Students and their Parents by Universities and colleges .

    We need to totally re structure how Universities and Colleges work, it is long past time to remove almost all Arts and Humanities Courses from Higher Education and restructure University Degrees more like Community Technical Colleges .

    We need to remove the High Cost and Bloat of Universities and we can start by changing how University Professors are paid, benefitted, tenured, and the number of classroom hours they participate in each week .

    If we do not demand and make serious changes within the next few years University Cost and Student Debt will become unmanageable .

    I am quite sure that you will all agree with me !


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