5G Could Wipe Out Humans, Plants, Animals – Dr. Martin Pall


Published on 24 Jun 2019

Dr. Martin Pall holding talks on 5G dangers across southern BC
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  1. One of my brothers was in the electrical trades for over 40 years and told me about the hazard of electromagnetic field years ago. He loaned me his Gauss meter for a few days and suggested where in my own place and neighborhood I should try it. I passed a sub-station on the way home and the needle went into red as far as it would go. The lower volt lines behind the house in the alley were not as bad as the station but still showed an unsafe amounts of EMF. Many devices in the home showed unsafe levels like the laptop and microwave. Even our lowly clock radios registered unsafe levels so we placed them well back. Not sure what to make of 5G but if it’s concerning maybe we should go back to walkie-talkies. No one ever got sick from using those.

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