Big Rick Daniels from Goober 95.1 Bowling Green, Kentucky


Big Rick Daniels grew up in Indiana. If you had to name famous people from the state, there’s the obvious like John Mellencamp, the Jackson’s and the sitting Vice President of the United States. Perhaps you are fan enough to mention David Letterman or David Lee Roth. But in broadcast circles, the state has a long a wonderful broadcast history that started with WOWO and set a standard emulated for decades to come. Rick was fortunate enough to work with a number of those people starting with Dave Kunkel at WRAY 1250AM in Princeton, Indiana. Also you’ll hear all about WLBC in Muncie, Indiana and the brilliance of Steve Lindell. Steve had a way of training the listeners to refer to the region as “WLBC-land”; branding at its best.

In this episode, you’ll learn that market size really doesn’t mean as much in this day and age. There is often better radio being done in competitive market #93 like Boise than in … take your pick from the Top 50. You’ll hear the 5 reasons why Rick made the move from Boise to Bowling Green, Kentucky, and how the old school values apply more than ever today. Rick is also very active on social media but admits that being first into the space isn’t always best.

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