Trudeau launching Digital Charter to Combat Hate Speech, Disinformation


By Shruti Shekar for Mobile Syrup       MAY 17, 2019

At the Viva Technology conference in Paris, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced his government will be launching a digital charter in order to combat hate speech and online disinformation.

Leaders in tech and senior executives attended the conference to talk about the evolving space. Trudeau said his government plans to create a framework that will make citizens feel more comfortable with social media sites and have more faith in them.

“We look forward to working alongside internet companies, but indeed, if they do not choose to act, we will be forced to continue to act in ways that protect Canadians and we will have more to say about the kinds of tools we will be using in the coming weeks and months,” Trudeau said.

“Canadians expect us to keep them safe, whether it’s in real life or online, and we will do just that.”

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  1. Contrary to his public claims, GQ Trudeau doesn’t want to combat so-called “hate speech” or “disinformation”, he wants to perpetrate and enable REAL hate speech and disinformation by the Left while he simultaneously enables the liberal social media platforms (Fakebook, Twitter, Google, etc.) in illegally censoring and silencing conservative voices and other viewpoints he doesn’t like.

    This is just another reason he and his Liberals are going to get kicked out of power come October, just like Rachel Not-Worthy got the boot in Alberta in April and Butch Wynne got shown the door in Ontario last June.

  2. “When you cut a man’s tongue out in the name of censorship, the sound of his silence becomes deafening.”

    Some may ask what do I mean with my above words?

    Think of it this way, if the public see that a man is incapable of speaking, the question asked will be. “Why can’t he speak?” To which the reply will be, “The state cut out his tongue.” The follow up question will be, “Why did the state do that?” To which the reply will be, “That he spoke of things the government and its bureaucracy does not like.” The next question to follow will be, “What things did he speak of?” To which the answer likely spoken and probably in quiet confidence will in the end extend the man who is now without a tongue original message anyways. It will also show the public that the enemy is then the state.

    NO SUCH THING AS HATE SPEECH! LIMITING SPEECH IS AN ANATHEMA TO A FREE SOCIETY! FREEDOM REQUIRES US BEING ABLE TO HEAR BAD, RUDE, CRUDE, HATEFUL, AND MISGUIDED SPEECH TOO! It will reveal the bad actors and the potential criminals or terrorists by them speaking bad or dangerous things. Stifling speech helps send these characters deeper into figurative and literal basements or back rooms as they plot their crimes or terror.

    Power grabbing and rights limiting government NEVER gets the end result it arrogantly and stupidly imagines.

    This farce of a digital charter signed by a cabal of globalist, leftist hacks of evil is not going to make life safer but will actually make it more dangerous.

    Those whom may endeavor to perpetrate violence or terror upon others are already covered by laws. This digital charter in essence protects a religious culture who are responsible for 98% of all global terrorism since 9/11, while it looks to punish otherwise innocent citizens by doing as I said above, cutting out tongues.

    Our soy boy, virtue signaling, anti-Canadian values, anti-liberty PM must go, as all these hacks of socialistic, globalist elites must go or we will inevitably descend into a global quagmire.

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