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Seattle’s Ron & Don Returning via Weekly Podcast


The Facebook posting went up Thursday night. Since then, The Ron & Don Nation has been deliriously, ecstatically happy.

It’s been 18 weeks since listeners last heard from their heroes after their drive-time afternoon talk show on KIRO-FM was abruptly canceled.

Staff of “The Ron & Don Show” was notified 11 minutes after their final show ended Jan. 10. Bye-bye, no explanation, no comment, leaving listeners baffled.

But now they’re back.

Says the announcement on their Facebook page. “Cancelled? As the radio tower dies … THE RON and DON NATION … WE RISE! You can’t cancel cause radio! What happened at KIRO? Episode #1. Monday May 27th. — We are BACK! — ron and don.”

What it means, says Don O’Neill, who for 13 years had the afternoon show on KIRO-FM with longtime partner Ron Upshaw, is that they’ll start doing a weekly one-hour podcast at They’ve worked together at various stations for two and a half decades.

“We’ll find out if people are listening to it. We can track it. If people want more, we can do more of it, five days a week,” he says.

Right off the bat, the two radio personalities have tied the podcast to another new venture. They’ve recently both earned their real-estate broker’s license, and so with the podcast you’ll also have with Windermere Real Estate.

Says Michael Harrison, publisher of Talkers, a trade publication for the industry, “What Ron and Don are doing makes sense. Podcasting is a great way for radio broadcasters with a following — and they have a huge one — to reach their fans efficiently and independently.”



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