CTV News Cutting Jobs in Five Provinces, says union


TORONTO – The union representing staff at CTV News said restructuring announced on Thursday has impacted jobs at stations in at least five provinces, and will result in a net reduction of staffing.

Unifor says the stations affected by restructuring include the CTV1 stations in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.

The CTV logo is seen outside their Halifax studios on September 10, 2010.  (ANDREW VAUGHAN / THE CANADIAN PRESS)

The union, which represents local television staff across the media chain, said in a release that CTV News’ parent company Bell Media has told journalists and field technicians to expect a mix of retraining, layoffs and new “digital” jobs.

A spokesman for CTV News said Thursday that it is “expanding our digital news presence with new hires nationally and significant investment in training and equipment.”

This “significant project” will require enhanced training as well as job reclassifications for some members of the news team, said Scott Henderson, vice president of communications for Bell Media.

“While we will be creating a substantial number of new digital news positions, some traditional roles may be impacted by the changes,” he said in an emailed statement. “We cannot yet offer a specific number of how many, if any, departures may result.”

Unifor National President Jerry Dias said retooling local news for the digital world is “necessary” and is “hopefully, a successful business plan.”

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  1. That would suit me just fine if ctv pulled the plug on their newsroom in Victoria, which is totally useless, including their news director. They no longer carry stories from up island in cities such as Nanaimo and further up the island…

  2. Isn’t Gord Kurbis their reporter in Comox? I see stories from him all the time. And don’t they also have a camera person in Nanaimo? Or are all of the tweets the guy makes saying he’s out shooting something in Nanaimo lies?

  3. It appears CTV News Vancouver Island has been hanging on by a thread for some time now. The station has a skeletal staff and they’ve never been able to coax CHEK News viewers to switch stations. So many of their long time reporters and anchors have left recently which is a bad sign.


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