Canuck-themed Episode of ‘The Simpsons’ Airs Sunday


Lisa Simpson spends some time enjoying Canada in this weekend’s Canuck-themed episode of long-running animated TV series The Simpsons. (FOX)


The Simpsons consulting producer Tim Long grew up in Ontario and has always sensed something secretly Canadian about Lisa, the middle child and most critically-minded member of the enduring American animated family.

“She’s the one who’s had the most barbed critiques of the United States,” Long, a writer-producer who was raised in Exeter, Ont., said in a recent phone interview.

“I thought Bart was sort of like America: brash, unreflective, much more sure of himself. And Lisa was sort of the intellectual, quiet, thoughtful, rational one. And I’ve always felt like that was sort of the relationship between America and Canada, too.”

She lands on the Canadian side and is admitted to hospital, where she realizes Canada is the place for her.

The episode, “D’Oh Canada,” airs on Citytv and Fox.

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  1. Well I just watched the Simpsons for the first time since my kids moved out about 12 years ago. They portrayed our PM as a complete idiot. Lisa asked him if he was hurt when President Trump called him weak. She followed that up by asking him to comment on the SNC Lavalin scandal.
    The cartoon show truly tried to show how inept, unqualified, self absorbed, our part time substitute drama teacher is. Sadly as insulting as the producers made Trudeau out to be they still did not show Trudeaus truly flawed character.
    What a global embarrassment.


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