Darren “dude” o’Donnell of c103 moncton passed away after battling cancer…


On The Air In Atlantic Canada – From Moncton’s C103


Hey, Adam McLaren here, Program Director of C103 (a behind the scenes guy)…By now most of you have heard the devastating news about Darren “Dude” O’Donnell, a member of the C103 crew for the last few years, an amazing father & husband, a solid friend to all, and a man remembered from the best parties & shows this city has ever had back in the day. Our thoughts are first and foremost with the family of Dude, his friends, and also our pal Craw who he was extremely tight with since long before he started here. It’s a tough thing to deal with for many of us in the community, and I really want to shoutout Troy “Taiter” Tait for being the first one on air after we heard, and having to explain the sad news over and over again this morning…also thanks to Nathan from the The Motorleague from coming in to join us in the memories. It couldn’t have been an easy morning, but as a listener, it felt good to hear. You nailed it guys. Anyway, I wanted to pass along a couple programming notes….We know the role we play in your lives, you come to us for entertainment, great music, and a laugh. We’re still going to try to deliver on those things today.

Dude would be angry at us if he knew that we changed anything for him, he would want us to continue the laughs. We’re going to try to do all that, but with that being said, please understand if our crew isn’t at 100% today. As for this weekend, I’m not bringing in anybody for on-air shifts, we’re not replacing Dude’s shift as he was literally just on air last weekend, and we’re also giving Brock the weekend off. Also, there won’t be a Pirate Radio, we’ll figure out the rest next week. We’ll still have a ton of great tunes though. Thank you for your patience, as together we work through this. Next week we’re hopefully going to be working on fundraisers & tributes, but again, we’ll get to all that next week.

Thank you sincerely for the support, for sticking with us through a fairly difficult morning show, a difficult situation overall, and reaching out with your notes, messages of support, and well wishes. Dude, we miss you, and without a doubt we’re all better people for being able to work with you and hear you on the radio the last few years. >Adam #dudenation



  1. My nephew was a remarkable young and unforgettable man and we loved him dearly. Thank you for making his on on-air radio dream come true , as well as becoming his second family. Upon meeting people , Darren always made them feel better than when when he found them.
    The song, “Touching Shoulders ’ is one song that I relate to Darren. “Did You know you were great, did you know you were strong, did you know I was leaning on you? Did you know I grew better and stronger because , had merely touched shoulders with you”.
    Thank you to all who touched shoulders with our Darren, and for enriching his life. God bless.


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