CBS considers replacing Jeff Glor with Norah O’Donnell as anchor of its evening news

  • CBS is considering naming Norah O’Donnell as anchor of its evening newscast
  • She would replace current host Jeff Glor and the network may move the show to Washington from New York, according to reports
  • O’Donnell would follow in the footsteps of Diane Sawyer at ABC and Katie Couric at CBS in the anchor seat of a top news show should the move go ahead
  • She joined CBS News as chief White House correspondent in 2011, then moved to co-anchor ‘CBS This Morning’ in 2012

CBS is considering replacing anchor Jeff Glor with Norah O’Donnell on the network’s flagship news show.

Executives are considering putting ‘CBS This Morning’ anchor Norah O’Donnell in the lead role of its evening-news broadcast, Variety reported.

The report indicated that the network was looking to move the show to Washington from New York.

Sources told Page Six that O’Donnell has been actively lobbying executives to move her to DC for some time from New York, where she is currently based.



  1. Why do they even bother with an evening “news” cast? How many 24 hour national “news” services does the US now have? Not to mention 24 hour local “news” services on both TV and Radio. CBS could save themselves a fortune by eliminating this “news” cast and replacing it with reruns of “All In the Family”.


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