iHeartMedia CEO: Alexa Is The New Radio



iHeartMedia CEO Bob Pittman appeared on Beasley Media CEO Caroline Beasley’s business podcast this week where he spoke about the power of radio advertising, how radio has a better R.O.I than the big digital companies, the importance of providing advertisers with data and how Alexa has become the new radio in the home. Did you know that iHeart helped with the development of Alexa?

Despite the fact that radio stations are in daily competition at the local level, including iHeart and Beasley, Pittman says we are all together when we try to get advertisers to appreciate the benefits of audio. He says in the case of radio, it’s about companionship. And that’s where Amazon’s Alexa comes into the mix. “We are large enough to have teams of people that can work on the future. It’s a luxury most companies in our space do not have. We spent quite a bit of time with Amazon, before Alexa, helping them develop it, so we made sure radio was an important part of it, and that they understood the benefits of radio and that they understood how consumers used the radio. Alexa turned out to be a massive hit.”



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