Real Country 95.5 Red Deer Morning Show goes Alberta-wide


MONTREAL-based STINGRAY is syndicating its “THE REAL WAKE UP WITH VINNIE AND RANDI” show across ALBERTA. Effective today (1/21), the program, which originates from CKGY (Real Country 95.5)/RED DEER, AB, has been expanded into a regional morning show heard on 15 STINGRAY-owned stations in rural communities across the province, from HIGH PRAIRIE to BLAIRMORE.

The show, HOSTED BY VINNIE TAYLOR and RANDI CHASE, with producer KINGSLEY IWENOFU, will cover regional content every morning, with hyper-local content coming from each affiliate. All stations carrying “THE REAL WAKE UP WITH VINNIE AND RANDI” will continue to provide local news, weather, sports, and community information.

“I am excited to be a part of this provincial show!  When I was younger I always loved volunteering with seniors, and now I get paid to do it every morning.” – Randi
“…I’m not that old!  I’ve never had a daughter before, but if I did I pray she’s nothing like Randi.” – Vinnie


  1. Hi. I just started listening to you guys in the morning. I thought I had switched to the wrong station at first. No worries, keep it up. You two are great.?


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