Viewers Ask Where KCPQ Morning Meteorologist Is After Arrest


By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel, TV Spy for   


Viewers want to know where KCPQ morning meteorologist Katie Boer has been.

On December 18, FTVLive reported the meteorologist was arrested on assault charge but the station has yet to do a story on it.

According to the full police report obtained by FTVLive, on December 15 Boer got physical after attending a holiday party hosted by station colleagues. She attempted to drive after drinking at the event and when friends tried to stop her from driving she punched one of them.

You can view the full police report here.

Boer was arrested for non-aggravated assault.


(Since this story was first posted, KCPQ informed staff members that Katie Boer is no longer with the station.)


  1. Hopefully she will get some help and never works for a network again. What this lady did in 2018 is unacceptable and very bad public relations for any employer. Maybe teaching yoga or something in the private sector, after she is punished is more her thing.

  2. In this day and age of PC insanity, how can this woman be punished for her behavior which was obviously fueled by her employers lack of good judgement. Well maybe she also showed poor judgement but we are in the age of nobody is ever guilty. REHAB should be offered. Ill bet if she is terminated she hires a lawyer.

  3. @sman. Im sorry you didnt get my attempt at sarcasm. Personal responsibility for drunken behavior flies in the face of PC stupidity. Having said that personally I think anyone that hosts a party and serves alcohol (or Justins folly pot) is opening themselves up for endless troubles when a party guest drives drunk or gets into a drunken brawl, or behaves badly in any other imaginable way because the host served liquor.
    Back in the day she would be fired and that would be the end of it. Trust me though , because her fellow party goers have pressed charges her lawyer will likely drag the person that hosted the party into the court case. Good luck to all of the interested parties.

  4. People need to STOP judging and start understanding the reason for what Katie has and is going thur for the last few years with her Mom, look up Meteorologist Katie Boer .. Dementia Diaries. If you don’t have a Love one that has this horrible disease called Dementia you will not understand the stress and fear of watching and caring for someone that you love forgetting who you are and not knowing the world they are in.. Watching them forgetting how to take care of themselves, forgetting how to eat, drink, forgetting everything that comes natural before this horrible disease CALLED DEMENTIA. yes, she was wrong , but we all make mistakes. My Heart and Prayers are with you Katie and your Mom going thur the world of dementia.. I truly understand, cuz I to have a Love One in the world of dementia..

  5. I love Katie …. she has been going through so much with her Moms dementia, she is a amazing woman. We have all made not so good decisions from time to time, fact is we weren’t there and yes alcohol can cause very bad decisions mixed with stress. Bottom line I miss Katie and I support her and hope she is getting the help she deserves

  6. Hi !
    PC correct Seattle is part of the Problem and Katie was clearly ASSAULTED bu others, irregardless of if someone thinks someone has too much to drink YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY LEGAL RIGHT TO DETAIN SOMEONE for a belief that have too much to drink , Call the police let them go . If you take time to read the report Katie was defending herself because they were obstructing her ability to leave and she was already in her car ! Finally I hope Katie has great lawyer to sue the hick out of the people who assaulted her and the Station for falsely terminated premature termination of her job so her day is coming in the courts to clear her name

  7. Katie ought to get into the golf industry, television ,shes bright and would be great at on course interviewing,with shows such as morning drive. i first saw her on krem 2 morning news and really enjoyed her..everybody deserves a second chance..good luck katie

  8. Amen to that. She is a very genuine person, a blind man could see that.
    I would not have wanted to hang around with a group of closet alcoholics either. I do not drink alcohol, but if I was at a party where a large amount of drinks were being served, I could possibly have had a drink or two just to feel social to a degree. I’m betting, these folks who hosted the party are a clan of pseudo socialites that lives for sensationalism. If your a adult and got clobbered in the nose, then you probably deserved it. Doesn’t matter who did it. Quit your sniveling and take it on the chin, it was your alcohol.


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