‘The Breeze’ Arrives in Vancouver at 104.3



Vancouver, December 20, 2018 – On December 26, a warm new breeze will arrive in Vancouver as Stingray (formerly Newcap) launches 104.3 The Breeze (CHLG-FM) will offer Vancouver listeners something new that has been missing on the dial for many years. With easy, relaxing, and familiar favourites, 104.3 The Breeze will provide an oasis from today’sextremely noisy and busy world.

Listeners can expect a broad playlist spanning five decades, from the 1970s, ‘80s, ‘90s, the ‘00s, and today. 104.3 The Breeze will feature artists like Lionel Richie, Elton John, Ed Sheeran, Whitney Houston, Sara McLachlan, Billy Joel, and Adele, giving listeners a non-stop stream of relaxing favourites that they can listen to at work, or at home, or in the car.

“These are songs our listeners know and love. They were all massive hits. And for some reason, radio in Vancouver seems to have forgotten about them,” said Paul Sereda, Stingray’s Program Director for CHLG-FM. “104.3 The Breeze is bringing those amazing songs back to the radio.”

Over the past year, some of the largest cities in the United States have recently seen similar radio stations launch with tremendous success. The Breeze format is now on the air in San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Detroit, among other markets, and it is proving to be very popular with listeners and advertisers.

104.3 The Breeze will be available for live streaming at www.1043thebreeze.ca and on the Radio Player Canada app featuring over 500 of Canada’s leading radio stations.

104.3 The Breeze launches at midnight on Wednesday, December 26 on 104.3 (CHLG-FM)


  1. The PD in Vancouver sure sounds a lot like the PD in Edmonton!

    “These are songs our listeners know and love. They were all massive hits. And for some reason, radio in Vancouver seems to have forgotten about them,” said Paul Sereda, Stingray’s Program Director for CHLG-FM. “104.3 The Breeze is bringing those amazing songs back to the radio.”

    “These are songs our listeners know and love. They were all massive hits. And for some reason, radio in Edmonton seems to have forgotten about them,” said Al Tompson, Stingray’s Director of FM Programming for Edmonton and Calgary. “96.3 The Breeze is bringing those amazing songs back to the radio.”

  2. That all sounds good, but what is going to happen to LG104.3, and all the classic music from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s? That is the best station on the radio and that is the music I grew up with and love. I am sure there are a lot of us older folks who love the classics and will miss it. What about Kelley Latrimoule’s 9 to noon and Graham Hatch in the afternoon with his high school hits? Why not leave a good radio station alone, why do they always have to change

  3. This would be a great time for 104.9 to bring back FUN FM except this time around utilize the CFUN calls. CFUN still resonates with many Vancouverites. And as for LG…didn’t they do better than Z95.3 in the ratings? Why not switch over Z instead of LG?

  4. The only thing missing from this story, “we asked you and you told us what to play”. And the line, “And for some reason, radio in Vancouver seems to have forgotten about them,” Oops I did it again and through up in my mouth whenever I read one of these press releases. They will mess this format up to by giving a steady diet of the same Lionel Richie, Elton John, Ed Sheeran, Whitney Houston, Sara McLachlan, Billy Joel, and Adele songs over and over. When you have 5 decades to choose from two things to make this work. Live announcers and as many elves needed to manage this massive playlist by keeping it fresh and so I don’t hear Rocket Man five times a week.

  5. Looking forward to hearing the Breeze on 104 3 in Vancouver and hopefully all on air staff keep there position as I enjoy the line up of shows. The music will be from 70s to 90s. So will we still hear our oldies from the 70s or what as I enjoy the oldies.

  6. Yes I agree Kelly and Graham are fantastic. The music that is being played is great already. We should leave it the way it is on LG 104 3. Making changes could have listeners move to other stations if staff changes take effect. Please keep our on air staff. Thanks

  7. wish they would have left the current format alone. but i do agree the same old songs over and over again becomes to much. hope your playlist does not potray this is here are thousands of songs outthere.

    would love to see the revival of the best station ever the old cfun and its 50s and 60s music, contests and yes djs

  8. Actually if its like the station here on 963 when it becomes the breeze most of the djs will be new and voice track from Toronto except the morning show don’t know about lg 1043 if they are keeping your djs or they keep one or two.

  9. Congratulations! It takes a truely special kind of stupid to take the best format in the city with some of the best on-air personalities and turn it into another source of aural pablum. All of the artists mentioned ALREADY played on the current format PLUS many others for variety. I don’t care that the “new” format is used elsewhere; MUZAK torments people trapped in elevators world-wide, that doesn’t make it good. Buy a SONOS folks, find a staion that plays what you REALY like and tell these geniuses to pound sand.

  10. The Breeze began at midnight with Player’s 1978 hit “Baby Come Back.” If you want to find out what will play in the next hour go to Edmonton’s Capital FM website, one time zone over.

  11. I heard Vancouver version of the channel kept their djs in tact but in Edmonton they have one dj left but hes in the morning does the morning show then the rest of day the djs are voicetrack that I don’t like but I like the music and they do two commercial free blocks on the workday

  12. I was a very loyal listener and liked the mix of old and new rock favs offered on 104.3
    Now with the change in format it just sounds like 103.5 CHQM .
    You had a large following and I don’t know who is in charge of the marketing dept that decided on the format change
    I have now switched to another station.
    If we wanted to listen to music offered on 103.5 then we could already do that.
    I hope someone comes in and takes over the music format that used to be offered and is now gone.

  13. at first I thought someone was screwing with the radio we have in the shop.
    all my employees including myself have been loyal LG 104.3 listeners.
    this new format is awful.

    bad decision, Vancouver already has enough lame stations. now there is one more

  14. Shore was terminated for being too mellow, now they change to an even more mellow format? What about the nightly blues? I love that program and listen most every night. This seems like a knee-jerk reaction to a bad book. Back to Jack for me I guess.

  15. I was listening to LG and enjoyed it lots Now they put this crap on the dial.. I hate it and hope these guys get fired at the station. One company I also work for the drivers loved LG and all 20 of them have switched to Jack FM now LG bad move. Music sucks now

  16. I just got home from holidays as I enjoy the Friday and Saturday house party that LG 104 3 had on. I noticed they play garbage now. I was listening to CISL and when they went down it was mentioned from Kelly that LG would be playing the same music. I tuned over and enjoy. Now the station plays garbage. I hope Newcap is happy for making such a bad mistake. You upset me along with many other listeners. Next time ask the listeners for input just do not change and assume your doing what the listeners would like. The music sucks big time. Anyone wishing oldies you will find them on free music as IHeart offers lots of free music from 60s and 70s. Better than what is on 104 3

  17. Sure glad some sense of music has come back. 104.3 was going downhill quickly with constant repetitive songs and non hits with heavier rock. It had its little niches but overall glad to hear good music again. Thank you!

  18. LG 104 3 was such a great station. The only problem was repeats of songs every day. Program department did nothing to fix this as they only allowed the announcers to play what they wish. This was such a huge mistake. Why are these people still working there.Now we have another station that is more of a disaster Go back to oldies. I have found another station that is playing oldies everyone.104 3 FM sucks big time. Newcap do something for the listeners and go back to oldies. and ask the listeners what kind of music we would like The Breeze sucks in Vancouver

  19. What the hell went on with LG as we listen every weekend to the House Party and now you have this crap on the radio. What a slap in the face for a station we all enjoyed. Time to fire the Program Manager and Station Manager. You just lost another listener. Bring back oldies for the listeners Until that time I will be listening to Jack FM with Larry now.

  20. I went to turn into LG 104 3 and listen to the House Party and noticed the station has changed the format. LG was great and the music you have on now is Garbage. Get rid of the music and bring back LG. If you can not bring it back I will not be listening to this crap station. Why is the manager still working he should be fired for playing music on this station along with the programming staff. What a joke. First CISL and now LG down the toilet.

  21. The radio graveyard is full of stations attempting to take down QMFM, the perrenial market leader. Has no one learned this yet?

  22. I’m not sure I’ve made a decision on this ‘new’ station yet….I love the oldies, but I also like mellow (must be age!) If there was a station that played nothing but oldies (like AM 600 and AM 650 did), I would definitely switch over. Oh well, things change all the time, not worth getting stressed out over it. Happy New Year all!

  23. I switched to LG 104 3 when it started up I was listening to Jack FM. Now myself and all 25 that did listen to LG are going to start listening to Jack FM. Our drivers enjoyed LG and the oldies.Your music is terrible on 104 3. Why is the company keeping staff like this. Music in the evening is more terrible

  24. I think I was one of the first listeners to accidentally come across 104:3. After 24 years as an on air local broadcaster, I was impressed…I immediately changed every radio in our 7 vehicles to 104.3 plus all the radios in our home…am no longer impressed. I’m searching for a new station.
    I couldn’t believe the change, I,m a believer of the principle of …if it’s not broken then don’t fix it…now I can’t make up my mind if I want to go shopping or ride in an elevator. BORING.
    Back in 1969 when I was an on-air DJ, we had automation/canned music from mid nite to 6:-am. It sounds like 1969 to me, and Im sure everyone who used to be a loyal listener to 104.3 must feel as though we’ve all slipped back to the sixties, and there is nothing good about the unplanned and un-needed retrogressive move.
    I need a new radio station to listen to. I hate elevators, and I don’t like to grocery shop .
    I embrace change. This is stupidity with contempt expressed to loyal listeners.

  25. I actually felt sick that the station changed. I thought it was a very sick joke, some one must have changed the station on my radio. How could this have happened? Who got the idea to ruin on of the best radio stations I have heard since lg 73 or c fun 1410 ??? I am speechless. I have been listening to that station for years, nobody asked me would I like anything changed?? I am in agreement with all the other people put the station back the way it was!!

  26. This switch has hit all of us boomers and gen Xrs like a sledgehammer and is an insult to many of us in the Lower Mainland. You have totally now lost most of the male audience you have had with the (new) LG . It is disgusting to have a female audience sedate music format set for them only. People that love real good time RocknRoll have been slapped in the face and absolutely discounted on all levels. Graham Hatch was at his best with Rock 101 Vancouver, left that, disappeared then came over to the oldies of the 60s/70s/80s music of those days with the new LG 104.3. Why on earth have you people divorced us and joined the all female audience soft music garbage (that is now to be the current the rage in the US) dictate Metro Vancouver, the Lower Mainland and beyond? A total shame and total disservice to the hundreds of thousands who actually tuned in and maintained you LG 104.3r radio station. No longer, good bye…great for your advertisers eh? Please go back to what you had, it was great and it had the listeners you so need. Not know, that is a guarantee which you all will find out soon enough!

  27. Has LG 104.3 lost it? They have as of right now totally divorced l their loyal listeners. We boomers and Gen Xrs embraced the music of LG 104.3. We are not a dying breed at all, hundreds of thousands of us remain alive and well in Metro Vancouver and f the Lower Mainland. Why destroy something sane & good to replace it with totally lame and sedate music targeted solely to a certain female audience?? Incredibly insulting to us listeners and outright dumb on all accounts! Please re-instate the oldies 104.3 now, this female elevator music is absolutely terrible to all of us that enjoy the 60s/70s/80s rock/pop rock music which are from many super great includes hits from Canada/Us/UK! You were programmed into my car radio, not now unless you change back!

  28. I recommend streaming Radio Paradise out of the US. They don’t repeat their songs more than a couple of times a month and there is always something of interest. Listener supported so make a donation if you like it. Other than that, I find the Peak more interesting and 104.3 is still better than the horrible QMFM – just barely survived the Christmas songs only in December as for some misguided reason this is the station that our office likes

  29. I agree with many of the ones who wonder what you were thinking messing with a great station. I’ll miss the mix of different styles and listening to songs that you wouldn’t hear anywhere else. I’ll give it a try but it already has a different vibe. I’m going to miss rocking along with some of the best in classic rock.

  30. Well I thought I was losing my mind, switch the radio stations looking for LG 104.3 to find out the it’s now the Breeze. Wrong move. Sometimes you just need to leave things the way they are. So disappointed.

  31. What a shocker to turn on the station and find it almost indistinguishable from 103.5fm! I wish there was a station that played predominately 60’s and 70’s music! Will be switching off pronto!

  32. The new format is terrible, I only got to listen to the old format for a year when a friend of mine told me about it. Now, No,no,no,no,no. Who wants to listen to this Shhhstuff?! There’s already too much of the soft music that the Breeze plays and if I was interested in listing to it I would go to those channels. It’s a damn shame. I really liked the 60’s – 80’s music. I hope a new radio station comes out soon that has the old LG format. For now, back to Rock 101 and Jack or failing that my collection of CD’s are good too.

  33. I agree with Sean the format is like really terrible. I hope some new radio station comes to Vancouver as LG was really good and now the Breeze is playing crap. There was nothing bad about LG as you played our oldies. I am asking like everyone else please reinstate LG for Vancouver listeners. I will tell you that all the guys at our shop enjoyed LG. We have 30 people working and there are mad you guys changed the format. The evening show you guys have is even more terrible. Garbage station. for the listeners of Vancouver bring back our LG

  34. So what is your answer now “The Breeze”. You people have totally peed off a lot of people in Metro Vancouver & beyond. Your current format is absolutely terrible in all ways! Come on now, bring back the LG 104.3 or is that you people hate the listeners of radio stations in Metro Vancouver. Your true sister station 103.5 plays your same garbage for years! What the hell happened??????

  35. I agree with Dave & Denis
    My wife Claire and I enjoyed LG 104 3 and it sounds like management has no customer service skills when it comes to what the listeners would like. This is definitely a garbage station.The listeners of Vancouver have shared there remarks and now it is time for programming to listen to the public and bring back LG and play our oldies. The music your playing in the evening is like going to the dentist. The manager should have been fired for even being allowed to play this crap on the station

  36. I work for a big company in Richmond BC and we enjoyed LG 104 3 as do our group of staff working the evening shift.The music that is not so tasty with our gang is the evening show and that needs to be put into the trash can as it is terrible listeners should have some say in the music as this is not the case at LG. We supported LG for the long run and now it seems to be tarnished. I was looking at the ratings and they are not bad and so with saying this we could have saved this station from flipping over to sleepy music

  37. I hope this breeze blows through and returns to the LG 104.3 FM that it was. The new music is boring. If I want boring elevator music, I’ll download it for a funeral slide show, thank you.

  38. It’s interesting to read all the negative reaction. I too enjoyed LG 104.3, particularly Graham Hatch, who is an outstanding DJ. But in this age of Tune In and Canadian Radioplayer, there are so many good alternatives available, listeners really have very little to complain about. One station I really enjoy is K-Rock from Newfoundland – the Saturday music played on Big Tom’s Shed, and the music played during much of the week, is fantastic. With the 4.5 hour time difference, we here in B.C. can hear much of it with very few commercial interruptions.

  39. The new format was refreshing for maybe a half hour in the car but then it got too snoozy. Please bring back the CISL format then add a few 80s tunes. The old Lg104.3 played too many of the same old songs or not enough variety from the band or singer’s playlist. I can’t stand Jack Fm. Rock 101 has no intelligence.

  40. sucks losing the blues lounge. Guessing that now all there is for blues on the radio locally is Saturday Night Blues on 88.1 CBC Radio and Blues after Dark on monday nights on 100.5 CO-Op Radio. Anyone know of any other radio blues programs available on local radio?

  41. I just got from Vacation 3 days ago as I enjoy LG 104 3 oldies when going to work. Now the station has just lost another listener. What was Newcap thinking. Why switch stations when we enjoy our music in Vancouver and that was LG 104 3 Take the Breeze away and reinstate LG

  42. I see LG 104 has changed. I am with everyone else and it is crap. The person that decided this should be fired . Recently I was listening to CISL and when they mentioned there 104 3 station to try out I did just myself and husband and have been enjoying until someone decided to put mellow music on. Give Vancouver there station back. You just lost another listener

  43. My name is Jay and I am 58 years old and have enjoyed LG until it went under on Boxing Day.The format now is terrible. I drive truck every day from Vancouver to Kelowna and LG was my station to listen to each and every day. Now your playing garbage. Bad move management Is it time to fire someone at the station. You have lots of mad listeners including me and my wife. She and the girls listened at Hydro in Burnaby and they all enjoyed the music. Now they are searching music out. Bring the oldies back including Mat Story my wife and I enjoyed him

  44. I work for Dairy Foods and enjoyed the LG format of oldies . You did not even ask the listeners for input. The new program sucks big time. The evening show is like going to the dentist. My wife and I enjoy the oldies bring them back for Vancouver listeners we plan to listen to other music in the mean time

  45. I was driving with my dad on Boxing Day and 104.3 was on as usual. All I remember saying was “What’s this crap!? That’s not LG!” First we lost Fun, next we lost CISL, now we’ve lost LG.

    Now 104.3 sounds no different than any other garbage station with a little bit of the classics mixed in. At least we have Sirius for all our classic rock needs.

  46. I was listening to LG and next I see we have a new station on 104 3 that is playing terrible music now for Vancouver. Anyone looking for great oldies just click on free oldies music and you will find it. So long 104 3. You pissed off many listeners hope you guys are happy about this. Now it is time for the manager of programming to be fired along with the General Manager for allowing this crap on the radio

  47. My wife and I enjoyed LG as we flipped from CISL and hate the new format on 104 3. The Breeze is not for Vancouver Listeners. Reinstate our station LG as listeners are not happy or is time for someone to be fired at the station. as the music your are playing now suck big time

  48. The Breeze is no Breeze for me I enjoyed LG 104 3. The new format sucks. I work in a big company in Vancouver and we enjoyed the LG Format. We are now going to find something better to listen to as your station is now Garbage. Your oldies was better. You just lost 32 listeners that enjoyed your station. What a joke to play relaxing music Anyone fired yet. Hope so

  49. Great, another dreary radio station! Seriously, 104.3 was hard to beat, a feel good station in what’s becoming a less than feel so good city. It offered an escape from aspects of Vancouver that are not so upbeat and now this, a station that sounds like every other hum drum station out there. To top it off, unless I have read this wrong, this is an American company? Somebody please tell me that’s not the case. Why would we source out to an American company to provide music for us, isn’t it bad enough we are subjected to so many terrible American television stations? There is no way I will ever be tuning into this station again-not that my voice even matters though because we have very little say about anything that goes on in our city, let alone what radio stations we are offered. If whoever was at the top of making this terrible decision is listening, give us our station back and then quit your job.

  50. What was LG thinking to change the format. Garbage station. the music is terrible. I hope the person behind this gets fired as I am not happy. I with with a group of people in North Burnaby and had been enjoying the oldies LG played. We came back to work and noticed they switched to a new format. You think that is bad.if you listened any time during the evening. The music is discussing. What is going on with your program staff fire them all along with the manager. No one is happy give our station back LG 104 3

  51. Lots of negative comments here on this format change and how the new owners, Stingray are executing it. I’ve taken this station off my car presets.

    However, Stingray must’ve seen a compelling reason to make this change – to better target the 25-54 market with their Vancouver and Edmonton stations and make more advertising money in the target demos. In the next 5 to 10 years we’ll see more changes with broadcasting stations chasing after the target demo of advertisers as they age out.

  52. I understand what David is saying. but there is still room for oldies on LG 104 3. The music now is totally garbage. The simply could have did The Greatest Hits Of All Time and play everything from 50s-90s Now the station is like Crap. I even called Stingray and they mentioned it was up to the station along with management making this change. They just lost another group of listeners.We listened at work to LG and the job site all the guys enjoyed the music and now we are switching.The music now is just terrible on the Breeze

  53. I don’t get it . You guys had a great station , I had everyone at work listening to you . Everyone especially misses the Tuesday records . Now your station sucks .I guess the Breeze is the sound of the sell out. No up beat rock to motivate you through the day , just easy listening that will gently put you to sleep . No one I know will listen to 104.3 any more , its dull . Mistake , you’ll see . Please Let me know if your going to sell your vinyl cause im really interseted

  54. I have no idea why the station switched. I am not happy about it. We always listened at work as we enjoyed the music from 60s 70s and 80 and now you put this crap on. Way to go The Breeze. What kind of company is this as you do not care about the listeners. If there was a problem with LG maybe you should have stopped your announcers from playing replays each and ever day and more oldies. Well I tell you that we at work that did listen to you in the shop will not be listening to your station any more until you get rid of the garbage that your playing and bring back the Greatest Hits

  55. I am really upset that LG switched to the new format. Larry and I enjoyed LG as we listened in Hope BC on the computer as we enjoyed the music. We have shop in Hope as well and our customers also enjoyed LG. Your music on the new station is terrible. Bring back LG for the listeners as you be getting more complaints I am no longer a listener to your station like everyone else

  56. I can’t believe you changed the format of my favourite station. My 20 year old daughters and I have been listening to LG for years. We all loved the 60’s 70’s and 80’s songs. When every other station had crappy music we could always count on great, singable, upbeat music on LG. The songs that they play now should have been put in as a special slow hour late friday night. Please bring back our station!!!

  57. I can not believe LG switched as well. My daughter and I enjoyed LG 104 3 as well. We hate the Breeze and will find something else. The music now is not good. We enjoyed the House Party and that is gone. We would like you to reinstate LG as the day music is terrible as is the evening music.Hopefully the person that put this music is happy as listeners in Vancouver are pissed off.Please bring our station back.

  58. I hate what you have done to LG. The new format sucks! We used to listen to the house party and now it’s Jazz. WTF. Lost another group of listeners

  59. I just got back from four weeks in the interior. What have you done with Kelly and what have you done with my favorite radio station. If I wanted to listen to this kind of music I would have switched to 103.5 QMFM. They play easy listening.

    Now I will have to switch to another radio station. Too bad! LG and I go way back. Twenty years or more.

  60. I agree with Andrea the music on 104 3 in Vancouver sucks big time. Give the listeners there station back of LG 104 3 and oldies. The only reason the station did not cut it is because they play the same music every day. The new format sucks.

  61. My wife Wendy and I do not like the new format on LG 104 3 The Breeze is terrible. The station was good just the way it was. You just lost 2 more listeners. Not sure what the station was thinking what ever it was you made many listeners upset. Your night time show is garbage If I wanted elevator music I would have purchase 2 elevators

  62. What happened to LG. I will not be listening to this new format. I enjoyed LG-You just lost me as well as a listener 104 3 is terrible now

  63. I used to listed to 104.3 everyday at work and now I cant stand it. I’d rather sit in an elevator and listen to that music all day.

    BRING BACK LG104.3

  64. I also enjoyed LG 60s 70s and 80s and 90s and now the music is just terrible on the Breeze I agree with Andrew I could sit in the elevator if I would listen to this music. At our office customers come in and ask what Happened to LG we loved the music. I told them to send there messages in like many listeners are doing Management does not care about the listeners. If they did we would have our station back

  65. Not happy! What a bunch of lame, boring music you now play. Unfortunately, I’m going to take you off my presets and will need to find a new station to enjoy. Vancouver lost a good one!

  66. I am in Victoria BC and enjoyed LG and now it is just garbage your playing Listeners should have some say in music and sounds like Newcap does not care about the listeners. Maybe time for someone to be fired like Programming Department Manager would be the way to go playing garbage music. Bring back LG

  67. Are you people running this crap radio station happy now? What an idiotic irresponsible decision you guys made in the total switch to the crap you now play. Totally disgusting nd a real disservice and huge slap in the face to Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley radio listeners. Good-bye “The Breeze”! Hope you all fail miserably in your radio management careers as that is exactly what you deserve!

  68. I am so upset that LG switched the format to relaxing music. I was happy the way it was now you have just lost another long time listener. I was listening to CISL and switched over to you and enjoyed the music and now it is lights out for your station. Listeners should have there station back.

  69. I’ve been listening to the Breeze in Edmonton via the music room on Telus TV. Their playlist is way better than the crap coming out of 104.3 Surprising, I thought they would all be in lockstep with format.

  70. The station of 104 3 needs to change before I get sick. I hate it . The station was told to many listeners to Jump over to 104 3 when CISL went under. I did just that along with the gang at my work. We enjoyed LG. Now the staff have changed the dial. We work making boxes and LG was our station to listen to every day. Now you just lost many listeners. Thanks for making a stupid idea of a change Someone needs to be fired in Richmond

  71. Your 104 3 the Breeze is nothing to laugh about as it sucks big time. My wife hates it. She was a bus driver in Burnaby and enjoyed the music and now she just hates your station. I work for the BC Liquor Distribution Centre in Vancouver and the guys just hate the music now. Turn off the crap and bring back our station or at least scrap your evening show. When will the company stop making changes as listeners just hate it. For the good of everyone leaving remarks get rid of your evening show and bring back the old music. You have just made many listeners mad

  72. Ok, will join the chorus of people who have voiced their opinion on losing the old 104.3 to the Breeze. You HAD a winner in the old format. I have tried, and can’t listen to it, sorry. For my daytime listening at home, I will now go back to Telus, and the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s on Stingray.

    Now if they can only get rid of or lessen the Canadian content mandated by the CRTC. TOO many repeats of Canadian songs to fill a quota. Nothing against Canadian music, but if it wasn’t for this ruling, a lot of these woundn’t be played. As Bruce Allen called it, Government music welfare.

    The only Breeze in my future, will be “Call Me the Breeze,” by Lynard Skynard, on another radio station.

  73. I will be joining everyone else and that is stop listening to the Breeze. The station is garbage now on 104 3. You can call me the Breeze as well as I Breeze off to some other station like Robert is doing. 104 3 was just our station in Chilliwack BC and your company made such a terrible mistake. Is it time to fire someone that hos no interest in what the listeners like. We do not like this format so give our station back or search for a new job Mr. Programming and General Manager.I plan to send these complaints to your head office of Stingray and your office

  74. Working at BC Hydro was fun when LG was on and now its not a good station. Bring our oldies station back to 104. I hate the new format.

  75. New format SUCKS! Really enjoyed the old format with nightly blues! You have lost me can’t stand the Muzak format, fell like I’m in an elevator!!! Bye!

  76. we are boomers who have the radio on all day and love the old music and the DJS with the contests and phone in requests , then you switch to this horrible elevator music that you think that we will all enjoy, think again, its crap, the new format really sucks.

  77. I just hate this new format on 104 e the Breeze I listened 1 day and just hate this crap. The evening show sucks big time. Not sure what the station was thinking. The Blues was better. The oldies was better. My husband and I enjoyed LG. We now upset your station has switched. My husband always had LG on during his shift when driving the bus. His customers said to him what happened to the music he said there was no more Oldies on LG. Fire the guy that put this music on the radio and bring out station back.

  78. When I first started listening I was listening to Jack FM and loved LG. Now I am going back to Jack FM as your station sucks. The music is just terrible. Nothing will bring me back only the oldies. What a bad move on the station.

  79. What kind of Garbage are you playing I hate it just like everyone else leaving there remarks. Please bring our station back. I am back to work and tuned in 2 days ago and just hate the crap your playing. What kind of manager allows this crap. take it off listeners should have some say. That is customer service. I work as a construction worker and we all enjoyed the music and now the staff just hate 104 3.

  80. I know I am in the minority on this one, but the changeover on 104.3 was kinda a relief, and I kinda like the new format, except the fact that every night theres free form jazz and the fact that theres even some modern songs sprinkled in (which some I like though) but other than that its great to hear music a little different from what we are accustomed to again. I remember when CISL went down, I like many others switched over to 104.3 when it was still LG and enjoyed the music there (except for the blues lounge just because theres no announcer on that) yet after a few months and at the start of 2018 I realized that even though I love the music there too, it sounded very much like rock 101 or jack fm, and I realized if I wanted to listen to music thats played on these two stations, I can already do that. And to make matters worse, I found out that the weekday night/weekend morning lady rickie tyler is a so-called “country cutie with a rock n roll booty” as it says in one crap country song as opposed to a “music lover”. And while jack fm even though it was founded here is an all-American radio format franchise, the Breeze is actually a futuristic format name that originated in the Philippines in the 1980s and perfected under that current name in New Zealand in the 1990s and I can see why the format is used elsewhere. So while its true that I will miss the 70s music long weekends when 104.3 was still lg as well as the tuesday LP record feature and the daily oldie of the day, its great to hear an actual relatively listenable station again, and I kinda hope that the cfun oldies format will make a comeback, as I am a young man who really loves old music, and I dont have to listen to that aural pablum on qmfm or that hick cow dung on jrfm like some people that I know, people that are not into head banging rock n roll, have done since CISL shut down. Thank you!!! 🙂

  81. The music is a lot like what 103.5 used to play 20 years ago before they shifted to a more upbeat format. The Breeze format might be a good idea if the station could play that mix with more variety.

    Unfortunately, it hasn’t been the case. Their songs get repeated every 24 hours, sometimes more often. At that rate, their “songs you haven’t heard in years” mantra only applies the first few days you listen to the station.

    Get ideas for new song additions off of listener requests. I don’t hold out much hope for that, given that they’ve pretty much stopped doing that on their other station Z95.3, but you never know.

  82. Its true, but todays format on 104.3 is kinda like the format on CISL just before it shut down and even in the early 1990s just before it switched to 50s, 60s and 70s outright because some of those songs are not repeated every day. Maybe my suggestion is to scrap the smooth jazz at night completely and replace it with a daily oldies show every night (50s, 60s, 70s) with an all request showeekends with paul sereda. Also, maybe pipe in tom lucas or bring susan sierra back to our airwaves after a decade long hiatus. Well, anyway, I am glad for the changeover not being a hard rock station going head to head with cfox or a new country station going head to head with jr country, as much as that night/weekend morning dj from the erstwhile lg rickie tyler probably wanted it to be either one of those. And I am glad that I dont have to hear some crappy disco song or some “douche-rock” song from the 1980s that sounds like an attempt at domestic violence against women several times a day… better Elton John’s Rocket Man than either of those… LOL

  83. Your kind of music, now, has improved a lot. Specially, evening music. Before, I never like HOUSE PARTY… worse… THE BLUES. Now, it’s way, much better. And also, daytime music. Like, today, Sunday, after waking up, turn the radio on – THE BREEZE. Turn it off, before going to bed. At work, I brought my own, big boom box: THE BREEZE, for 8 solid hours. Same in my car, during morning and afternoon drive !!!!

  84. the only thing that I liked on the radio was LG- especially The Blues program. The breeze is the same crap that is on the other oldies stations, , I will not be listening to it.

  85. I’m from Montreal, I visisted Vancouver in May 2016. I saw your station advertised on a passing bus and switched the radio station to LG 104.3 and listened throughout my vacation.
    Loved your station and downloaded the app on my phone. Listened at home, in my car and at work. At first I thought, oh they changed their name, but then realized that the music was changed as well, unfortunately I no longer like it and am so disappointed. LG was so perfect!

  86. LG WAS a great station love hearing 70 and 80’s bands from Vancouver and other songs that have a pulse. I have tuned OUT of this new format you lost a loyal supporter. I hope someone comes in with the LG format again until then I will listen to other stations that have the format like Boom97.3 in Ontario.

  87. Cam back to remind everyone missing lg since the changeover of 104.3 (in my opinion, good riddance, I am sorry to say), I would recommend xl out of calgary so far before the breeze format import comes there too (its already in halifax and in even more places down south in the U.S., and former lg dj sandra klaric now resides in calgary, and a lot of her favorite songs are more in the breeze genre, so she might say the same words as the vancouver and edmonton pds) and when it does stream w 1440 out of northern alberta or cfos from ontario. Those stations play oldies. Also one real interesting station from overseas is gold fm out of sandra klarics ancestral homeland of croatia (in reality she is actually from bosnia, but she is ethnic croat descent); there is always something of interest there and its kinda like our jack fm only a lot better and not so repetitive and they play hits from the former Yugoslavian successor states as well as those in english. But anyway, my best idea with the breeze is to replace the smooth jazz with 50s, 60s, 70s oldies a la kiss fm back in the day. But other than that, 104.3 is exactly like kiss fm was in the mid to late 90s when I was a kid (except for those songs relased after then, of course); the station really made me feel like a kid again. Thanks very much again!!! 🙂

  88. This new (old) format makes me want to cut my ears off. Horrible middle of the road hits. If you love this format you’re already dead or trapped in a dentist office. 104.3 The Breeze carries the smell of failure, it’ll never survive.

  89. Actually, these two things are more the case with 103.5 CHQM. And also if you love that one for the most part, you’re also the kinda person who does nothing but spend the day binging on reality tv and that other celebrity trash, or even the kind that likes to party the night away. Same goes with 104.9 or 95.3 or 94.5. Yet for some misguided reason, they are the stations that people tune in if they want to keep things 100 percent positive and more people are tuning to those since the LG changeover. So anyway, my point is the lg changeover is not really all that bad really, and a lot of those “horrible middle of the road hits” are not really that bad at all and even some of the modern hits that are now thrown into todays 104.3 folder are all right. And I found out the station is favoured by much of our immigrant community, particularly middle eastern, arab, eastern european, latin american and especially filipino (hey, renee, didnt THEY come up with the format name first???) And its possible that some of those people who tuned into lg since the CISL shutdown and were disappointed by the lg loss switched over to jrfm and that horrible cow dung there, which if you love that one, you’re either dead, absolutely braindead, racist, sexist, have no interest in anybodys heritage let alone ours, no interest in the natural environment, totally drunk out of your mind, stuck for days on end in some lame bar, or all or some of the above. So anyway, great to hear that something sane and good and not too noisy has come to town again, apart from the few modern songs and the smooth jazz feature every night, and I hope that station doesnt change to new country or modern rock by the end of this year, and also jettison the smooth jazz in favour of oldies a la the old CISL format every night, and kudos to the filipinos and the kiwis for launching this great name. Thanks!

  90. Been a loyal listener of LG for years. Loved the 60s 70s and 80 mixes I grew up with. New station is pudding. Tried to listen to it for a couple months, can’t do it. Switched to The Peak. Very sad news.

  91. Well, I have to say, at least this station has not changed to jr countrys twin or cfoxs twin like the defunct xfm or an all hip hop station like in the US. And actually the changeover (more of a futuristic and spiffy reno with an exotic twist in my opinion) is literally kinda an improvement, for it has less repitition than the previous LG format. The breeze name has been down south for almost three years now on terrestrial radio, iHeart had that name for longer, and it started out overseas after all with the philippines in the 1980s and 1990s, and new zealand launched it in 2010 after switching to adult contemporary from rock (they got it from the filipinos), and england launched the brand’s logo also in north america in 2012 (I stand corrected). But anyway, I say get rid of the smooth jazz and bring in 50s 60s 70s oldies for weekend nights like kiss fm back in the day. And remember, everybody, if the station flips again, it might be new country or modern rock or hip hop, so be relieved that its not those so far.

  92. I agree with Cam bring back our oldies and dump the Jazz I rather have 70s on during the long weekend as do the guys at work. Please bring back our LG 104 3 The Breeze is like visiting the dentist

  93. While its true that I do miss the 70s long weekends on the stations old format, I think bringing the old lg format back overall would only be a good idea if there were a lot more 60s and 70s played, just like fm 104.9 greatest hits was 10 years ago.

    Unfortunately, ironically since the cisl shutdown, that pretty much had never been the case. Too much repition of songs, too many 80s hits and disco songs (which some I like though) especiallt friday and saturday nights with the house party, only one or two 60s hits per hour and sometimes none at all, not enough variety from the artist or bands playlist, and if all that was bad, sunday to thursday nights were even worse at least format wise, the blues lounge for its all automated, and if I want to listen to blues on the local radio, I can listen to those two programs that ray mentioned. So at that rate, in other words, the old lg was basically jack fm for the most part minus the newer music with a few hidden gems mixed in once in a blue moon (the oldie of the day, the tuesday lp feature, the afternoon high school hits segment, and the 70s long weekend as I just mentioned). So at that rate lgs old “best of 60s, 70s, 80s” mantra pretty much only applied because unlike jack fm, their playlist only includes songs from over 25 years ago.

    My best bet is for this station to dump the special interest music rule overall, and to dump the jazz and bring a weekend night/morning 50s 60s 70s oldies show like kiss fm back in the day, and extend on weekday nights the evening breeze with stacy like the edmonton and halifax versipns of the channel, and leave everything else as is (nice to hear simona back on the radio again), and maybe bring susan sierra or to lucas back. I dont have much hope for that, considering the stations category 3 licence from way back when they were in the triple a format, but you’ll never know.

  94. I agree with you Cam as the music now is terrible bring back the old format and our 70s weekend. The station made a terrible mistake. We listened from BC Ferries and now we are leaving 104 3 as the music just sucks. What kind of people are running the station as they have no idea what the listeners like. I hope listeners will complain to up above management Bring our 70s weekend back

  95. Actually, I have a great idea for all those missing the 70s long weekends on the stations previous format. Maybe have the breeze launch an all 70s music program sunday mornings hosted by paul sereda, like star fm out of chilliwack did before they dumped it in 2012. Also, if and when they dump the special interest music rule, bring in a 50s 60s 70s music show for weekday nights. So, I generally think the lg changeovet or renovation is fair game in my opinion, and pretty much the only downsides are the weekend djs being voicetrack and the nightly smooth jazz program (this is why I want that program dumped); in other words, pretty much the only “smooth jazz” in my future will be the songs “feel so good” with chuck mangione, “jazzman” with carole king, and “rise” by herb alpert, on those two programs that I hope will come to the breeze in vancouver.

  96. Trouble is, everybody, the previous lg format after the cisl shutdown was in my opinion refreshing for maybe a month or two or three overall, and refreshing still afterward for maybe half an hour to an hour at mornings including the oldie of the day and then it got too dull and mind numbing for the masses thereafter. Bring an all 70s program for sunday mornings on the breeze, bring in a 50s 60s 70s program for weekend nights, and extend the evening breeze with stacy to midnight, for I actually kinda like the breeze format better (isnt it mainly 70s 80s oldies anyway???) I cant stand jack fm; I ditched that long ago. Rock 101 has no intelligence, and certainly not what it was. Jr country??? Thats just for crazy cowboy wannabes, yet for some misguided reason thats the station of choice for many older folks in vancouver these days, along with some immigrant communities as well. Virgin radio, z95.3, qmfm, kiss radio? All for the hoity toity middle class. Even cbc and our non commercial radio stations here are increasingly lacking in quality. This is why I actually kinda like the breeze format overall. Keep that, bring those two programs in, and dump the jazz program overall. And simona, do NOT have the format switch to new country like jr!!! (After all, I found out she almost changed cisl over to new country, and if it wasnt for her maternity leave at the time, it would have done just that in 2015!)

  97. Dump the special interest music rule the relic of the shore era. Jazz will be gone with it. 50s 60s 70s oldies for weekend nights, all 70s for sunday mornings, stacys evening breeze as long as edmonton version of the breeze channel.

  98. Cam back to acknowledge everyone that since simona is now leading the programming of 104.3 (which happened since may), it looks like the station will change format again in the next several months, possibly by years end, and it wont be oldies unfortunately. Either a jrfm clone, a cfox clone, an all hip hop/ urban station, a multicultural fusion station, or even a south asian hit music station with english announcers and commercials, probably the first one of its kind in north america. What else can I say?

  99. And another thing, any “category 3/special interest music” content that does not feature an announcer/dj as long as its on commercial radio should never see the light of day. Cbc, coop radio, college radio, campus radio, sure; mainstream radio??? Maybe in a dim lighted bar or an elevator, but NOT on my radio.

  100. its 6 weeks till christmas and before thanksgiving and you guys are playing christmas music all day, time to find a new station

  101. I agree with dave. Im waiting for first monday of december then I will delve in. Only goes to show all of you, everybody, especially since the cisl shutdown two years ago, give braindead cowboys and cowgirls of a truly special kind phone licences and they will use that as a way to prank call radio talk shows non stop. Give those same people radio station licences and….

  102. Hi Guys and Gals . I have been listening to CKLG fm 99 days since 1970 . You would change your name a bit and still I would follow you and now your music has changed .What the hell are you doing to this FAMED station ? I I stopped listening on November 12 2019 because f all the Christmas Carols .Now I detest your station . Thanks a lot !When you come to your senses maybe I will turn you back on . Highly doubtful though . I guess your longtime followers do not mean much …..

  103. No worries, they will be back to where it was starting boxing day of this year at midnight, but the question is, for how much longer? Since simona became pd, I have a feeling that it will change to an urban contemporary format some time this year. I am amazed that it had not happened by now.

  104. Christmas carols for 5+ weeks??? The Breeze format sucked enough to drive me away, but the constant carols drove the nail into the coffin. Decision makers, give your heads a shake!!

  105. Possibly one of the reasons that lg 104.3 switched to all christmas this year is to fill the void of the erstwhile cisl 650. Has anyone learned that yet??? And also, the breeze name began in the philippines, and the holiday season there starts in the middle of september after all!!! Anybody find that out yet???

  106. Nice that its back to the regular music again, but I have a feeling it wont be on forever. I figure the stations next move will be either an urban station like the beat was before they shifted to top 40 or an all lgbt channel or even an all porn channel.


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