‘The Breeze’ Arrives in Edmonton at 96.3



On December 26, a warm new breeze will arrive in Edmonton as Stingray launches 96.3 The Breeze… Edmonton’s Relaxing Favourites.

96.3 The Breeze (CKRA-FM) will offer Edmonton listeners something new that has been missing on the dial for many years. With easy, relaxing, and familiar favourites, 96.3 The Breeze will provide an oasis from today’s extremely noisy and busy world.

Listeners can expect a broad playlist spanning five decades, from the 1970s, 80s, 90s, and today. 96.3 The Breeze will feature artists like Lionel Richie, Elton John, Ed Sheeran, Whitney Houston, Sara McLachlan, Billy Joel, and Adele, giving listeners a non-stop stream of relaxing favourites that they can listen to at work, or at home, or in the car.

“These are songs our listeners know and love. They were all massive hits. And for some reason, radio in Edmonton seems to have forgotten about them,” said Al Tompson, Stingray’s Director of FM Programming for Edmonton and Calgary. “96.3 The Breeze is bringing those amazing songs back to the radio.”

Some of the largest cities in the United States have recently seen similar radio stations launch over the past year, with tremendous success. The Breeze format is now on the air in San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Detroit, among other markets and it is proving to be very popular with listeners and advertisers.

96.3 The Breeze will be available for live streaming at 963thebreeze.com and on the Radio Player Canada app featuring over 500 of Canada’s leading radio stations.

96.3 The Breeze launches at midnight on Wednesday, December 26 on 96.3 (CKRA-FM)


  1. Sounds like “Favourites of Yesterday and Today”.

    Translation: the same old songs “tested” before a panel of selected listeners. Nothing offensive, but nothing outstanding either.

    Hope and pray that stores and businesses put it on the speakers so that they can gain the numbers they need to attract the advertisers they need to be profitable.

    Once they attract enough advertisers, the resulting barrage of commercials will cause the same listeners to look for something new.

    Cue the competition to start a station that will offer Edmonton listeners “something new that has been missing on the dial for many years.”

    Repeat as often as necessary.

  2. This is the “we have given up on how to make 96.3 work” format. So, lets throw this at the wall, and see if it fits because it’s working in the US. This will be another failure in Edmonton radio. Patience is running thin. More than jocks heads will role if this is not successful.

  3. or well another ez rock format in Edmonton I was on the 963 capital fm website the djs are posted looks like the only dj that will be local will be the morning dj sean burke will still be there but the rest of djs will be voice track from Toronto looks like it and no local weekend staff its the afternoon dj and evening dj that has shows on weekend also.

  4. When I was doing mornings on EZRock in 2011 the station was too 3 or 4 in the market. They switched to Virgin which took it to number 16. As my old gym Marty Forbes said to me it was one of the worst format flips he had ever seen. The breeze will do fine.

  5. if we have to listen to lionel Ritchie all night long and adele rumor has it and Kelly Clarkson because of you a lot seems like we had this format before plus some of the stations play these songs anyway


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