BCAB Revises Format & Timing of Annual Conference

                 By Connie Thiessen, Editor, Broadast Dialogue

The British Columbia Association of Broadcasters (BCAB) has announced that it’s moving its annual conference from mid-May to October and trying on a new streamlined format.

The 72nd Annual BCAB Conference will now take place Oct. 2-3, 2019, with the revamped event condensed from three days to one and a half. The host location will be Victoria’s The Inn at Laurel Point.

Rob Bye, president of BCAB, said the changes are in response to feedback from delegates and the broadcast ownership groups.

“Some of the feedback was the sense that some of these conferences are a little too close together,” Bye told Broadcast Dialogue. “We were quite close to Western Association of Broadcasters (WAB), and very close to Canadian Music Week(CMW). We certainly heard those concerns and that was part of the reasoning in terms of moving our conference and hosting something new and innovative.”

The new format forgoes the annual golf tournament that previously kicked off the conference. It will now open with a Wednesday evening welcome reception, followed by a full day of sessions, and conclude with an awards gala that evening.


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December 19, 2018 - 3:27 pm

Ian Jessop

Can podcasters attend these events? Are they worthwhile?

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