CNN New York Offices Evacuated After Bomb Threat


UPDATE:  CNN New York Gets ‘All Clear’


UPDATE: CNN’s New York staff is being let back in to the network’s New York headquarters after being evacuated late Thursday night due to a bomb threat.
CNN’s Brian Stelter tweeted that the headquarters had been evacuated while the NYPD investigated. No explosives were found, the NYPD said.
The network aired taped programming due to the disruption, including “Anderson Cooper 360” on the East Coast.
Stelter also tweeted that 58th Street outside the company’s Columbus Circle headquarters was closed down by police to traffic. A rep for CNN did not immediately respond to a request for comment late Thursday.
CNN anchor Don Lemon tweeted that CNN’s floor in the Time Warner Center was evacuated in the middle of his nightly live show.


  1. Given how low CNN’s ratings and viewership are sinking these days after being exposed as the liars and fake news purveyors they are, what are the odds that this “bomb threat” is really just an attention-seeking ploy by them to try to get sympathy (which would mean it’s just another piece of fake news coming from them)? False flag, perchance?

  2. VancouverTVGuy, you have to be kidding when you say that CNN set up the bomb threat. Its one thing to support the right and bow to Trump, its another to speculate that CNN created this incident. I hope you believe in the justice system, and dont disregard federal charges against high ranking members of the U.S. government. More to come.

  3. @ Robert Wilson:

    And what makes you think CNN didn’t fabricate the “bomb threat”? There’s a reason more and more critics are derisively calling CNN “the leader in fake news” nowadays, and CNN, in its Trump Derangement Syndrome-influenced obsession with trying to “take down” President Trump (including blaming him for what their Democrat masters and their minions have been doing in recent times and refusing to give him credit when things go well), only has itself to blame for that.


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