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‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ pulled from Cleveland radio station amid #MeToo movement


One local radio station has decided they “ought to say no, no no” to the now-controversial Christmas song, “Baby It’s Cold Outside.”

WDOK 102.1, a Cleveland-based station that exclusively plays Christmas music during the holidays, announced this week the song would be removed from rotation after a listener called to say it was inappropriate amid the #MeToo movement.

“Baby It’s Cold Outside” has been a source of debate  for the past few years. Some argue it displays key signs of rape culture:

“Even if the intentions aren’t sinister, it’s simply exhausting to be a woman in that situation,” wrote USA TODAY’s Mary Nahorniak. “In the original score, the male part is written as a ‘wolf’ and the woman as a ‘mouse’ — that speaks volumes about male predatory behavior. Many women know what it’s like to feel trapped by a man, whether emotionally or physically. In those situations, it doesn’t matter how it began or why she wants to leave, it only matters that she wants to go, now.”

Others have countered to say it ought to be considered from a historical standpoint: after all, it was written in the 1940s, a time when it would have been a scandal for an unmarried woman to spend the night at a man’s house.



  1. This is going too far. I read recently that someone has complained about Santa Claus saying he is a bully!
    When will all this stop …

  2. People kind do not recognize male or female species. Someone will be giving a seminar at the VPL and if you go you will learn that having a penis or a vagina only means that you can reproduce. If you have a penis it is your deity given right to identify as a woman if you wish. How dare someone else try to label you a man. Visa versa for a woman. So if its cold outside and a carbon based life form decides to come in out of the cold, and it is a Christmas tune peoplekind will not be offended as long as the house is being heat by geo thermal means. Please have a non binary time and good bye. I hope that no peoplekind have been offended. BUT if you have the female PM of Canada Justine will drive an electric car to your domicile and you will be told how sorry the peoplekind of Canada are and you will get a plaque stating that Canada has offended you and you are to be compensated. Rate to be determined by a senate committee.

  3. OMG!
    It is a song that was written in the 1940s and has been sung and heard ever since then.
    This PC stuff needs to stop.
    Quit reading things into songs and other things that only certain people see and hear and others see and hear nothing.

  4. Should we be surprised? Talk about “Trending”!

    Unfortunately it will only get much worse before “People Kind” Figure it out and begin to push back.

    Please keep in mind this SJW PC Indoctrination begins in our Schools and it continues from “K” right up through University Graduation.

    Please take a few minutes and familiarize yourself with U of T Professor JORDAN Peterson, he could very well prove to be one very important person in Canadian History. Of course the PC Mafia are doing everything they can to have him fired.

    See Jordan Peterson on You Tube with his Conversations with ?Tucker Carlson, on Toxic Masculinity, various Speeches, and Debates with Mensa Member SJW Champions.

    Jordan should be taken very seriously especially if you have Young Males in your life, this is important stuff.

    Would John Wayne or Clint Eastwood even become Box Office Champs today?

    Hell, just think of what Craps PC and SJW would be allowing to come out of Hollywood over the past 100 years if they had their way.

  5. However Rap and Hip Hop music can go on and on with not only sexist lyrics but really RAPE lyrics and bimbo/slut/floosey lyrics making women look like a mockery. (OBTW I’M ok with as repulsive as I find said music as I believe in freedom of speech and expression.)

    Let me guess why that is ok… Hmmmmm…..
    Hmmmmmmm, could it be… hmmmmmm….no…..well…Maybe BLACK music?

    On the SJW (NPC) oppression scale Blacks are only second to Muslims in MUH VICTIMHOOD!

    The (faux) Oppression scale works sort of like this:

    1: Muslims
    2: Blacks, in the western world for black outside the west no SJW gives a sh*t about.
    3: Latino/Hispanic, generally illegal migrants.
    4: LGBT community with lesbians on top and white gay males on the bottom of that group. Again only in the western world as in the Religion of Peace world well them FAGGOTS & DYKES CAN ALL WELL JUST DIE!
    5: Aboriginals in any western world nation.
    6: Women, with white heterosexual and/or conservative Christian women on the bottom of that group.
    1,000,001, We find White straight males who live in the western world.

    I PRAY TO GOD ALL SJW’s, cultural Marxists and such other P.C. allies well JUST DROP DEAD!

  6. I saw mommy kissing Santa Clause …banned makes mommy out to be a slut and Santa a sexual predator

    Jingle Bells Banned Rudolf was bullied

    Cleveland will no longer play any music

  7. What about Alvin in the Chipmunk Christmas song. He wants to sing the song one more time but is prevented. Alvin is being bullied, Chipmunk lovers of the world UNITE,,,,This must stop….oh and Merry Christmas


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