KING 5 Reporter Elisa Hahn Signs Off


She tweeted the news of her departure yesterday:

                                                                 Elisa Hahn

After 22 years at KING 5, I have decided to hang up my yellow jacket and press pass. My last day at KING 5 is today, November 28th.

I make this decision with a heavy heart, as I leave behind my dear friends, some of the best journalists in the business. Thank you for mentoring and trusting me as you colleague.

To our viewers, thank you for watching my stories and trusting me to tell yours. It has been an honor to serve the PNW.
Not many jobs allow you to meet new people and learn something new every day. Being a reporter has made me a more open minded person. I believe if we took the time to talk to each other and listen to different perspectives, the world would be a more peaceful place.
Yet the darker side can take a toll for a crime reporter. Too many school shootings and sex offender stories, too much finger-pointing and not enough ownership. Now that I’m a parent, it doesn’t roll off my back as easy as it used to.
But more importantly, I’ve been craving an adventure. To stretch a new muscle and learn something new.
I look forward to sharing the next phase of my career with you soon. Be good to each other folks! I wish you all a great holiday season and a happy 2019!


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