Will this man become Canada’s next Prime Minister? Jim Goddard talks with the man – A Must Listen…


Talk Digital Networks Jim Goddard talks with Maxime Bernier, the man who could be our next Canadian Prime Minister….

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How does Prime Minister Maxime Bernier Sound? An interview you must listen to! Its Time!!!






  1. The only thing that “THIS MAN” will become is the reason that our current idiot PM gets reelected. Mad Max has allowed his leadership loss to come before the greater good of our country. Even if one was to agree that Max not Scheer should lead the Cons. into the next election that ship has sailed. Now the Conservatives have to beat two idiots instead of one.

  2. Splitting up the conservative vote is not a recipe for success. The fact that Bernier couldn’t even beat a lightweight like Scheer tells me that his ambition may be greater than his ability.

  3. First off, I’d like to know if 13 and obiwan actually listened to the interview? Andrew Scheer is no different than Trudeau. Both are Globalists, not Nationalists. Scheer believes in the scam paris accord which would cost of billions of dollars when it does absolutely nothing when it comes to the Climate. Scheer sides with Trudeau on Supply Management, a cartel of elitists central Canadian farmers resulting in the cost of dairy products, cheese, eggs at TWICE the cost we are paying. Canadians have been ripped off for years because of the elitist political parties like the Conservative Party of Canada and the Liberals. Scheer also thinks its ok for to pay Quebec over 11 Billion dollars annually in Transfer payment. Max, as a Quebec objects to this unfair balance of transfer payments. Maxime Bernier is a breath of Fresh Air. As far as the comments he and the Peoples Party of Canada splitting the vote. The Vote is Already split. Scheer couldn’t beat his way out of a wet paper bag. Please listen to the interview.

  4. If Scheer was incapable of beating his way out of a wet paper bag , why isnt Max the leader of the party? Max is guarantying a Trudueau victory. Im not even going to argue that Scheer is or isnt a “wimp”. Sadly that wimp beat out your hero Max. Max should have worked from within with his supporters to bring change to every area that you mentioned. I wont argue with your or his vision.
    Max lost the leadership race. Max has started his very own party. Max is going to split the vote. Trudeau will win the election.

  5. Audrey

    I do not really think that anyone is saying that Scheer is Churchill but he actually does have a chance to defeat Mensa Member, Selfie King, and Canadian PM Justin.

    As 13 states MB will do nothing less than Split the Conservative Vote and ensure another 4 years of PM Justin, it is very simple.

    Canada and Canadians first need to concentrate on getting rid of PM Justin and Make Justin a Drama Teacher Again, then Scheer as PM can be guided by his Caucus.

    As to Max? Max cares more about His Ego than Canada or Canadians.

    We just witnessed a similar Vote take place for Mayor of Vancouver where Anarchist and NDP Kennedy Stewart was Elected Mayor because the NPA Mayor Candidate löst to him by a thousand Fotes when a Conservative Independent ran for Mayor and took q0 K Votes from NPA Simms in a Split Vote.

    If the Vote was not Split Vancouver would have an NPA Mayor and Council in Majority, instead we have more of the same ala former Mayor Mumbles Robertson.

  6. Did any of these commenters listen to the interview with Maxime ?

    Aren’t the Conservatives and the Liberals just two heads of the same beast ?
    Ask the Quebec dairy farmers.

    Maxime is positioning his party to take votes from the Conservatives, Liberals, NDP, and especially the people that up until now, didn’t vote.

    No matter how the controlled media tries to spin it: It’s happening around the world !

  7. If the Bernier support team is going to spin that scheer and trudeau are the same and Max is the answer so be it. It wont make a damned bit of difference because outside of Maxs home 20 nobody will give a rats ass about his views on supply management and the paris accord.
    Max and his EGO will give a man that doesnt deserve to sit with adults another 4 years of driving our economy into the tank.. For which Im certain he will apologize.

  8. I joined….

    We elected….

    We talked to Max on the phone for 20 minutes in our newly created riding…..

    WTF have any of you idiots done?

  9. I listened.

    His English is improving, but has to improve a lot more to be listened to by English Canada.

    His policies make a lot more sense than the three “mainstream” left-of-centre choices we currently have.

    I wish him luck, it should be an interesting election.

  10. I am of the opinion that Trudeau and Scheer are indeed Globalists and they will be interchangeable. Look at how Dr. Leitch got the bum’s rush from the Con’s party leadership run because of her stand on immigration. I don’t think it is as much that Bernier could not win the leadership as much as the present-day configuration of the Cons would never allow a Bernier to lead.

    Personally, for things such as dairy, I am not as against supply-management as many (including Bernier) because we simply cannot compete with subsidized American farmers and we would lose our dairy industry wholesale (including the security that goes with having one’s own dairy industry).

    Unlike Lefties (i.e. Communists) I don’t require an ‘every plank or you’re out’ stand in my political leaders and I am willing to give Bernier a chance. Let’s face it, this gambit is not unlike Preston Manning’s own move (and my personal opinion is PM is a two-faced POC) in which he moved the Prog Conservatives to the right. It may be worth an election cycle or two to right the ship.

    C’mon folks. Does anyone really believe that things will be different under Scheer?

  11. At first I thought Bernier creating a new party would risk to split the vote of the conservative-right. Though that may happen I do not feel it as much as Mr. Bernier is seemingly building a party with his leadership that looks to be an umbrella to capture not just disaffected conservatives and others on the social-political right, but looks to catch disaffected classical liberals who no longer see the Liberal Party as a true classic liberal party but see it as a party of growing identiarian politics, never ending virtue signalling which means it has no concrete positions, panders to globalist/socialist views (remember Trudeau called Canada a post national state and a nation with no values) and a party that seems to subvert the 151 year values of what Canada was said to be. These lack of values that the Liberal Party has also is a part of the current NDP, a party itself lead by a Communist and a man who is not allowed to travel to India for his politic subversive rhetoric towards India. The NDP no longer is a party of the working man, working family, nor of values it once believed (even if wrongly) were essential to helping those who may be unheard of in politics. It’s a mere political activist party today and as such only ramps up shit disturbing, panders to unsavory people nationally and globally including criminals and is itself anti-Canadian in values.

    Maxime Bernier looks to cut across many party lines, yes he’s conservative on many economic ideals but looks to be more pragmatic. He’s a libertarian in many ways and that can appeal to many persons on the political/social spectrum. He is not dog eat dog, he has values that can appeal to disaffected working class, business class Canadians who feel their voice goes unheard by the other three parties. He espouses values to appeal to our investor class too. He supports NATIONAL aka: CANADIAN values and traditions based very much on our 151 year storied history. He supports individual choice but with accountability and responsibility. That is a way to empower citizens by letting them control more of their own lives and actions. He supports less government and as such a smaller government that will do what it is charged to do better as it’s less distracted and caught up in things it has no business to be in.

    The Conservative party under Scheer has become a cautious party that has moved to the center and is currently looking more akin to liberal B vs liberal A, which globalist, identitarian, pandering leader do you like more or dislike less? Sadly Scheer is caught up in more so not having values to defend just like Trudeau does, but is also tearing down national values to kiss globalist, activist, new socialist ass. Canada more than ever DOES NOT NEED WEAK LEADERS who only virtue signal and unravel our history, our values and our economy to pander to national and global activists and bureaucracy.

    A global movement of PRIDE IN NATIONAL/CULTURAL VALUES is clearly being seen today by elections in other nations, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Brazil etc. etc. etc. notably in the most important nation the USA with President Trump. Canada does NOT NEED our Obama, Merkel or Macron. Canada needs a leader and a party that will defend our national values, culture and history all in the ideals of a market economy, less intrusive government, with better thirst for true justice and general democratic values including values of greater liberty.

    Be you on the right, middle (ouch sitting on that fence must hurt) or left, liberty should be something anyone embraces. Pride in your nation, its culture and values should be FOR ALL regardless of personal politics. Maxime Bernier is trying to build a party and a movement that can embrace ideas and values of all sides while building one based on freedom of speech, free markets, smaller more effective government, more personal choice with accountability, competitive spirit nationally and globally through pride in national identity and ideals to compete as in our case Canadians more freely globally and not just apart of some mish mash porridge of especially in seeing decades in our western world of self loathing, post national, virtue signaling, leftist, activist, globalist soul wrenching drek.

  12. People can choose to “Spin” this any way they like but MB and his Party will Split the Vote of Canadians that want a Conservative Leaning Government and that will guarantee another ‘FOUR Years of the Drama Teacher Running Up Debt and Deficits while at the same time enacting Legislation for Higher Taxes Which will include Death and Succession Duties, Cap Gain, Income Tax, and a few others.

    Then Canadians will be shocked to see the total collapse of Singh and His NDP Party in 2019, the NDP will be decimated. Then sometime in the next year after that the NDP will see the Writing on the Wall and they will Merge and Inite with the Liberals and that new Party will become “The Liberal Party of Canada”.

    In case you have not figured it out yet that Merger and Partnership will Unite the Left and there will be NO SPLIT of the Left Vote and only ONE Candidate will run in each Federal Riding.

    We will then see a series of Canadian Federal Elections where the Liberal Democrats will Face a Split Right of Canadian Conservatives and the Maxine Moron Party.

    How does that sound?

    Just how many decades can you withstand those Election Results?
    How about your Pocket Book, Healthcare, Education System, Pensions And the rest?

    Yeah sure Max and His Party will be Great for Canada. PM Justin and His Minions will be thrilled with the whole thing.


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