Ontario judge declines to hear Faith Goldy v. Bell Media


October 16, 2018


An Ontario Superior Court judge has declined to hear Toronto mayoral candidate Faith Goldy’s complaint against Bell Media for refusing to run her election ads.

Goldy was seeking an injunction that would have compelled the broadcaster to play her 30-second ads on its CP24 television station ahead of the Oct. 22 municipal election.

CRTC rules stipulate that “If a broadcaster sells advertising time to one candidate or party, other candidates and parties must also be given the opportunity to buy commercial airtime from that same broadcaster.”

Judge Peter Cavanagh, who heard Monday’s emergency motion, said in his written decision Tuesday that the matter is under the “exclusive jurisdiction” of the CRTC and while the court could grant an injunction in a “truly dire emergency even where a statutory tribunal has exclusive jurisdiction” he declined to exercise that jurisdiction in this case.

Goldy’s counsel, constitutional and civil rights attorney Clayton Ruby, had argued that Ontario Superior Court should hear the matter because of its urgency.

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  1. This is just the way the left work. They can not handle the fact that the right has different beliefs and opinions. Keep up the great fight Goldy. You have tons of support behind you.

  2. In Canada judges are appointed by politicians behind closed doors. To claim that the matter is the sole jurisdiction of the CRTC is just an example of a likely liberal judge kicking the can down the road. The CRTC will do nothing and claim it’s up to the courts to rule on the matter leaving Ms. Goldy in limbo right where they want her.

    I would venture that if the candidate being denied access to the airwaves was a good liberal toady the judge may have ruled differently. Goldy is challenging the poster boy for the establishment and that’s just not on in Canada.

    Canadians are to blame for this situation by being weak on supporting free speech.

  3. It would be so great that even after all this obstruction to keeping Faith from having her fair and lawful access to the people of Toronto during this Mayoral campaign that she should win. It’s to a point that it’s no longer about policies, though her’s are reasonable, but it’s now for her to be voted in by T.O. citizens out of political push back and fight back. Clearly injustices are being done to Faith and voting for her and having her win the Mayor-ship of T.O. is a laudable and I hope successful result.

  4. Pendula swing.

    What the Marxist-centric globalist-type fail to remember is the inevitability of the right-of-centre power structures and players to return to the levers of power with a concomitant following of the “sheeple” to these lines of thought. Present day impediments do not change the inevitable.

    Today’s leftist judges and political power structures will be tomorrows rightist judges and power structures. In other words, “Lefties, what works for you now, will work for us later”

    We have lists and we have helicopters.

  5. George,

    I have been thinking as of late about how these globalists, Marxists, cultural-Marxists and all out Commies in government, bureaucracy, mainstream media and mostly in academia from primary to especially high school and the universities think. They appear to have hold of many of the minds of rather sheeple-like millennials and similar groups. These brainwashed stooges of any and all Marxist, social activist minions will as days pass by and as they begin to turn on each other and see ALL THAT THEY HAVE BEEN BRAINWASHED INTO BELIEVING WILL FAIL THEM! Then this idiot lefty, SJW, cultural, MY FEELINGS Marxists will TURN INTO THE BIGGEST ANTI-COMMUNIST/ANTI-LEFTY/ ANTI-SOCIAL ACTIVISTS that we in the west have not seen in 50-100 years.

    When you are still young(er) and have the financial back stop of parents and your wonder lust of UTOPIAN MARXIST, FE FE FEELING STORY TELLING by the most clueless, idiotic, people today even if they are educated types, as education does not necessarily mean=smart, notably high school teachers, University professors, hypocritical celebrities and dufus virtue signalling media hacks with myopic leftist globalist politicians and business types. These youth will not readily see THEIR UTOPIA WILL BE THEIR INEVITABLE DISTOPIC NIGHTMARE! These lefty virtue signalers notably of the under 30 crowd will see that they will not just turn on honest, hard working commonsense values, freedom loving citizens but WILL DOUBLE DOWN AND TURN ON EACH OTHER! Then and only then will they BECOME THE ANTI-COMMUNISTS, ANTI-SOCIAL JUSTICE “FE FE FEELINGS” WARRIORS and ANTI-GLOBALISTS!

    It’s sad we will have to likely endure the sinking into their idiot mud pit of backwards socialist, Marxist, virtue signaling ideology, but I guess more people will just have to learn the hard way. 🙁

  6. Les, I suppose the quiet rage inside is based on a feeling of betrayal. Lying, I can take, betrayal on the other hand, demands punishment, “Pour encourager les autres”

    I had the usual educational propaganda growing up and it started with Generalissimo Franco BAD, Pinochet BAD (and now Orange Man BAD). Out of curiosity, I looked at books about Franco and Pinochet from non-curriculum sources.

    Yup. Basically, they were trying to get rid of the Communist scourge in their countries. Communists Kill. Every. Single. Time.

    Civilization is ebb and flow, and we are in the ebb stage, much like Spain in the mid 1930’s. Things will sort themselves out, however at a huge price. This price would not have to be paid if people, especially school-age children would learn all of history, from books written by the victors and those by the vanquished.

    You see, it’s what they (TPTB) that leave out that makes the difference. The so-called Chinese Head Tax. It implies an anti-Chinese sentiment in the early 1900’s. Well, it was actually a tax on Chinese labourers. Only labourers being brought in (cheap labour) were taxed. Read about MacKenzie King and the Vancouver Riots to understand. Same for the Komagata Maru. Read what is not published in newspapers and school books. Or, our so noble-1st Nations. Why is there a place up the coast called Slaughter Alley. Ask the Hurons how much they like the Mohawks.

    Since I am on a rant, let me pose this: Why are the 1st Nations not speaking up about immigration. Without immigration our population would be well-nigh at a stable (OK I will say it: “sustainable”) level. It would also preserve the 1st Nation percentage as a portion of Canadian population, along with the white-guilt we all seem to harbour. Population increases will dilute the percentage of population of 1st Nations to the point of them being a sliver of population with rest of Canada populated by people who could not give a rat’s behind about 1st Nation concerns. That won’t bode well for getting all the stuff they want.


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