Red Robinson’s RPM Lunch at the White Spot Oct. 9 2018


Photos courtesy of Andy Hall  (Halychuk)

Cameron Bell                     Bernie Pascall                           Norm Grohman

Puget Sound Radio’s Greg Simpson and Ted Wendland of Radio West


Bernie Pascall                          Norm Grohman                   Cameron Bell

Bernie Pascal, Nick Orchard, Norm Grohman & Cameron Bell


Jeff Palmer, formerly CKWX,  Brian Antonson

Stirling Faux                                Norm Grohman                             Cameron Bell


Our friend Phil Mackesy


Tom Jeffries and John Stirling


Ron Barnett                                                 Ted Wendland

Norm Grohman, Gale Honey & Stirling Faux


Cornell Sawchuck                                         Marcia Cimolai


Bill Reiter and John McKeachie


Bill Nelson                                                                              Ed Kargl



Ed Kargl                                       Red Robinson             Long John Tanner

Warren Erhart (White Spot CEO)            Mel Cooper                              Red Robinson

Marcia and Bruno Cimolai

Ray Ramsay


Ed Jurak & Keith Watson


Dave Roughan, Randy Taylor, Campbell McCubbin and David Kirkham

CKWX Alumni



John & Diana Kendrick


Stephen Ellis & Lynn McNamara


Jim Robson (center)     Ron Robinson in dark glasses

Jody Vance

Diana Tchakalian & Marilyn Jane Halychuk


David Kirkham, Randy Taylor & Campbell McCubbin


Dave MacLaughlin                                                                Allyn Edwards

Ellie O’Day


Marilyn Jane Halychuk, John Gregory & Nick Orchard


Red at the mic, with Mel Cooper in rapt attention

Andy Walsh and his Bea


Red Robinson, Warren Erhart, Al Murdoch & David Kirkham


Michael Godin & John Gregory

Brian Antonson                                            Ingrid Abbott

Owen Coppin, Cornell Sawchuck & Wally Bodner


Jim Robson                                                               Ron Robinson

Allyn Edwards                             John McKeachie           behind   Andy Walsh

Kent Kallberg


Dave Roughan, Jody Vance and Larry Hennessy


Jody Vance, Larry Hennessy & Jamie Anstey

Kerry Marshall & Kent Kallberg


Joe Leary #MAGA, Stirling Faux


Carol Robinson, ?? ?? and Red


John Tanner & Marilyn Jane Halychuk


Diana Tchakalian, Carole Robinson, Marilyn Jane Halychuk & Red Robinson





  1. Good to see Kent Kallberg and Bea Walsh there with Andy. Bruno Cimolai was also noticeable by his presence. The “other bald guy” was John Sterling. Nick Orchard was standing there between Bernie Pascall and Norm Grohman. Perhaps someone else can fill in more of the blanks (question marks).
    Looks like a good time was had by all!

  2. If this message could be forwarded to Diana Tchakalian, it would
    be much appreciated. I worked with her at the Vancouver we Blaerz,
    and think of her often. She get In touch with me through
    Facebook under Jamet Loken. I would love to chat with her.


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