KOMO Weatherman Steve Pool Takes Time Off to Battle Cancer

SEATTLE WA – One of the most familiar faces on TV in Puget Sound will take a break from broadcasting to undergo treatment for prostate cancer. KOMO meteorologist Steve Pool will step away from work beginning Thursday, according to the TV station.

Pool was diagnosed several months ago and took intermittent time off over the summer. He called the diagnosis “a complete shock.”

Pool, an Emmy award winner, began his career at KOMO in the late 1970s after graduating from the University of Washington. A true Puget Sound native, Pool is a graduate of Seattle’s Tyee High School.

Pool spoke to reporter Mary Nam about his diagnosis:


  1. Do not get to see KOMO as much as I once did but always enjoyed their News Casts when I saw/see them.

    They have always been professional, pleasant, and not as corny or PC as some in B.C.

    Also always liked Dan and Kathy.

    Mr. Poole is one of the “Good Guys”, Good Luck to him, I hope is back on air very soon!

  2. We Both have watched Steve for so many years. He has Always since Ray Ramsey, been our Go To Weatherman. His Professionalism has been Top Notch and are Very Saddened of this set back. We Wish him the Best and Hope for a Speedy Recovery in this Ugly plate handed him. We Miss you and your smiling face . U ROCK STEVE POOL ! ??

  3. My dad was diagnosed with 4th stage prostate cancer. When his oncologist told him, his reply was” do what you need to do because my boat needs to be varnished and I will be going on vacation soon’. his attitude was so good because he had something else to look forward to and he went thru his treatments happily looking forward to get back to his boat. He showed up and did what he was suppose to do. He lived for 12 yrs and the oncologist said it was his attitude that kept him alive. You, Steve still have alot to complete, so get up on that table and say ‘lets get on with it’ because I have to get back to my audience because they rely on me’ It was my dads attitude that kept him alive so long and he was alot older than you when he was diagnosed so you can do it! Best wishes to you and prayers do work. Chris Castro

  4. I pray for you Steve. You are in my prayers each and every day. My God bless you and your Dr. You can do this. I know it’s going to be hard and I will look forward to you coming back to the news.

  5. Hi Mr. Pool. I hope this note from a grateful watcher finds you feeling top notch. You are awesome. I am 70 and I don’t like everybody. But you…you i like. Many a day has started out crappy but you made me smile and my day got instantly better. ?
    Mrs. Ripp Campbell

  6. Dear Mr. Pool;
    A long time ago – thirty years at least – I got lost on the East side of Lake Washington, in Kirkland I believe, and drove into a burger joint for a snack. And there you were, chatting with another couple, polite and gracious. I remember your car (vaguely) as being stunningly snazzy. That little encounter endeared me to you and to KOMO. It takes a lot of courage to share what you are going through, and I thank you for that, and wish you a full recovery.

  7. Steve you are greatly missed. Myself and my life partner of about 37 years were having problems with each other and we got over them by spending what we called quality time with each other and yourself with Mary waiting for 4pm to roll around for the question of the day of all things. ?We have been doing this for about 5years now. Thanks. This isn’t to discredit any one if the other KOMO staff that also are guessing as well. I’m late finding out about your temporary leave if absence. My partner and assumed you retired after 40plus yes with KOMO. Now I can let him know I finally got the correct answer.
    Speedy recovery for you.
    Tammy Ray and Paul Owens

  8. Dear Mr. Poole: We have been hoping to find an update on how you are doing and when we may expect your return to KOMO and the weather report. We miss your cheery personality and your skillful analysis of the weather. Get Well! Come Back!


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