Dave Wheeler sues Rogers for $1.4M, says it encouraged ‘edgy’ on-air persona that got him fired

Dave Wheeler, the former host of 92 CITI FM’s Wheeler in the Morning, is suing his former employer. (@Wheelerj28/Twitter)


by Bryce Hoye 

 CBC News ·


A former Winnipeg radio host fired by Rogers Media after controversial on-air comments he made about transgender people is suing his old employer for more than $1.4 million.

In a lawsuit filed with the Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench on Thursday, former 92.1 CITI FM host Dave Wheeler claims the station and parent company Rogers Media violated his employment contract and publicly defamed him when he was fired.

“Rogers has recklessly, unfairly and intentionally harmed Wheeler’s reputation and has acted in a high-handed, wanton and unfair manner,” says the lawsuit, which goes on to suggest Rogers encouraged Wheeler to be “edgy” and “controversial.”

He is asking for just under $1.4 million in lost wages and $80,000 in bonuses, plus pension and other benefits he would have received if his 2017-22 contract hadn’t been cancelled, court documents say.

In July, he was fired from his position as host of Wheeler in the Morning for his part in an on-air conversation about actor Scarlett Johansson pulling out of the upcoming film Rub and Tug.


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  1. I remember having this conversation with someone in the industry many years ago, I think it was around the time when Rick Honey sued Rogers (and lost) after being fired from Star FM less than a year into his contract. My friend’s thinking was that this sort of legal action was never a good idea, as any future employers wouldn’t want to touch that talent. It will be interesting to see how this all unfolds.

  2. @Kyle, I think he’s got a good defamation case. Whoever wrote the Rogers press release probably just not be writing press releases.

  3. He was making $200k/year plus bonuses in Winnipeg?

    Seriously I just hope he gets a fair shot and the corporate lawyers can’t outspend him.

  4. Walt,
    He might’ve, until he responded privately on Facebook to that girl. His response wasn’t ‘edgy’, it was his personal opinion. And Rogers lawyers will be all over that.
    One things for sure though, I bet he doesn’t sleep at night.


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