Jordan Bonaparte’s ‘Nighttime’ Podcast to Air on Corus Stations

September 18, 2018

Nightime’s creator Jordan Bonparte.



Popular Canadian mystery/true crime podcast Nighttime has joined Corus Entertainment’s integrated podcast network CuriousCast in a novel multi-platform partnership, Corus announced Monday.

The deal will see the podcast — which has gained more than five million downloads since its launch in 2016 — expand its reach even further by launching onto select Corus-owned Global News Radio news talk stations across the country in October.

Topics range from true crime and mysteries to the paranormal or the just plain weird. The series has garnered significant praise and buzz — most notably for its episodes investigating the mysterious 2012 disappearance of a Canadian woman, Emma Fillipoff, in B.C.

Innately curious with a passion for independent journalism, Sydney, N.S. native Bonaparte lives in Halifax, with his family — including a young son. Nighttime is aptly named, as having to balance time between a career in the insurance industry and his young family, Bonaparte records the podcast in his basement studio after putting his son to sleep — at night time.

“I started Nightime near the end of 2015, just after Halloween. I originally started it to serve as a venue to investigate a UFO sighting that my grandmother and grandfather claimed to have experience back in ’84 in Cape Breton. I did a two-part podcast about what my grandparents had claimed they witnessed and the response was so great that I decided to make a third episode and fourth episode and am now 65 episodes in. I’ve been investigating strange and dark events from Canada’s history,” Bonaparte told Global News.



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