CBC TV Ratings are in the Toilet…


CBC’s TV Ratings Are A Disaster


  1. The only time CBC places in the top 10 anymore is when Hockey Night in Canada airs. Beyond that, most folks couldn’t care less about CBC shows and they sure aren’t going to watch the fake news, Trudeau puff pieces and SJW opinion pieces masquerading as “news” on The National.

    We don’t need to be paying taxes for a state broadcaster that’s little more than the Liberal Party’s propaganda wing. If I were PM, here’s what I’d do with the CBC:

    * CBC Television would be privatized and spun off, keeping the CBC name
    * Ici Radio-Canada Télé would be sold to Quebecor Media and merged into TVA, finally giving that network OTA stations outside of Quebec
    * The CBC’s English and French radio units would be spun off as non-profit, listener-supported networks akin to NPR in the US, with a name change for the spun-off networks

  2. First off I agree with VancouverTVGuy 100%.

    Next, my post on this forum made by me at another site.

    In 2018, there is NO reason for a publicly (taxpayer supported) network as the CBC. In the 1930’s government funding of a public radio network from coast to coast to coast could have shown merit. In the 1950’s a publicly funded TV network from coast to coast to coast could have been seen as having merit.

    With the explosion of first in the 70’s cable media, and now a swelling of online media content and variety, there is no longer a need to provide a taxpayer wallet sucking media network as the CBC is.

    Government should sell off CBC assets in whole or break it up in pieces. Minimal but appropriate regulations can be made and adjusted to cover the various private media outlets today in Canada. It’s not the 1930’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s or even 90’s.

    BTW if this was me 10 years or more ago I would have been a pro CBC, public broadcaster dupe and shill and rather hardcore at that. I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT! The CBC in all of its ways is just a government propaganda and a leftist, communist outlet IT NEEDS TO GO AWAY!

  3. In the words of Winston Churchill:

    “Anybody who isn’t a liberal at 20 has no heart. Anybody who isn’t a conservative at 40 has no brains.”

  4. Much as I am rapidly losing support for the CBC over its ridiculous elimination of anybody white and “non-ethnic” from its airwaves – I would suspect that the high ratings of the private broadcasters were for Hollywood imports, not Canadian programs. While I support a complete overhaul of CBC Radio and Television so that it lives up to its mandate of including ALL Canadians and not excluding people because they are white, private broadcasters have already shown us that, left to their own devices, they will simply simulcast American networks. Then they will complain that they have no money because fewer people are watching.

  5. Overnight “dairy” was replaced by “media” by the Canadian MSM NAFTA propaganda factory. Trump hasn’t uttered a single tweet about “cultural industries” but all of a sudden we’re being told he wants “FOX News” to be able to own Canadian media. Perhaps Trudeau has realized that he needs to cave on dairy to get a deal so the narrative will be that he “saved” Canadians from the evil Fox empire. The manipulation by the G&M is so transparent it’s laughable but then everyone involved with the NAFTA negotiations works for the same boss. Hint, it’s not the average Canadian voter.

    The CBC should be viewer supported with regular beg-a-thons flogging DVD’s of Schitt’s Creeks or maybe they can do a deal with Don Cherry for a “greatest hits” collection.

  6. LOL the picture at the top of this topic “CBC ratings in the toilet” .A shot of Justin taking a selfie.
    I was sent a picture of a new baseball cap. It seems patterned after the MAGA cap.
    CBC and Justin Trudeau a perfect match. Still looking for the billboard ads with Harper smiling at us captioned “miss me yet”

  7. I almost forgot to honor our NEW Canadian tradition.

    “I (we) apologize to all uhm members of peoplekind uhm that we have offended by expressing an opinion. We will try harder than ever to embrace the diversity as diversity is our uhm strength”.

  8. The CBC has always been the organ of the government in power. We can only be thankful the NDP never formed, nor ever will form, federal government as the CBC is more NDP than Jack and about as credible. “All indigenes, all the time” is very boring and not at all informative, though I am sure the CBC stalwarts are getting repetitive stress injuries from patting themselves on the back in congratulation of how enlightened they are.

    But what does it say about ‘NW that the CBC consistently leads in the ratings?


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